Which EVIL civ would you live under?

The Balseraphs sound like insane, chaotic fun. You'd probably meet a horrible end, but at least you'd have fun before that. Otherwise the Illians, I like winter and cold and hell terrain will never spread in their lands, making it a paradise if the Sheaim/Infernals go apocalypse on the world (I once read a really cool short story here based on that premise, actually).
:agree: see, thats what i'm talking about. Who cares about things like how long you live? Whats teh point of living ifyou don't have much fun?
that is, unless your jokes start to get old, or you just plain start to bore him. Then he would probably decide to "dispose" of you, meaning he would probably have you horribly maimed then killed in some demented show for his amusement.
Or maybe not. You can never tell with ol' Perp.
That answer to the main issue: where do you live better, well, less worst.

As in starting post "what' s the lesser evil of Erebus"

Svartalfar have the best living conditions, as long as you do not have political ambitions you can keep a safe life in a suitable environment. With chance to turn neutral and no longer evil.
You'll get a glacial hell though...

Life would not be easy in such conditions.

The lifestyle most closer to the good civilized country is amongst the Svartalfar. No excessive hazards until you stay at your place with a common civilian work.
hmm, that is a hard decsion to make. Blistering painful coldness, or scorching burning fire. Well, both are equally bad to me.
You'll get a glacial hell though...

Life would not be easy in such conditions.

The lifestyle most closer to the good civilized country is amongst the Svartalfar. No excessive hazards until you stay at your place with a common civilian work.

You're evaluating it like modern person.
People that grow up in a tough environment get tough.

The Ilians seem like the ultimate for you to get as tough as you can get. Why are we only thinking of living comfortably:)?
In rough order:

1) The Illians. Yeah, they're pretty much fascists. So? It's not like anyone else is much nicer to foreigners, and at least they're all united behind promises of a glorious future. Besides, Mulcarn was always the least evil of the Evil Gods.

2) The Svartlafar. I imagine you could just keep your head down and get by okay. You won't get backstabbed so long as nobody views you as a threat. Or an inconvienence.

3) The Balseraphs. So long as you don't draw the attention of Perpentach, you're relatively safe. There's also lots of fun stuff to do in the Balseraph lands, and you never lack for entertainment. They're ranked below the Svartlafar and Illians only because your next batch of entertainment could randomly turn out to be the one where your soul gets stolen or you get mutiliated horribly and cast out of society.

4) The Clan of Embers. Everyone on Erebus hates you, and your society is savage and warlike. You also mostly lack the comforts of civilization. These guys come in fourth because the next three are even worse.

5) The Doviello. Much like the clan, except there's not a trace of noble savage in your society. These people are crazy. If you're weak under the Clan, you might be considered worthless; if you're weak under the Doviello, you get eaten. Plus they use the corpses of their enemies as improvised weapons, for Junil's sake.

6) The Calabim. Far, far worse than any of the above, because the society is saturated with despair. There is no hope for escape. There is no hope of finding meaning in your life. You exist for the sole purpose of being eaten by your vampire overlords.

7) The Infernals. Your will is stripped from you, you are tortured and twisted into an unfeeling monster, your world is filled with horrible flames and sulfur, and your only desire is to spread your misery on to others in what amounts to a petulant child's dramatic act of protest.

I like sulfur!
1. Illians. They seem to be the most reasonable of the bunch. It will be cold but you can always put more clothes :)
2. Sheaim. Unless you are unlucky you might actually have pretty decent life. I doubt mages and sorcerers would have that much interest on you (unless you was at the wrong place at the wrong time - pyre zombie, anyone?).
3. Balseraph. Well thats random.. every day can be so exciting! You never know if you end up in arena or are made king for the day and then executed. Probably still better than be the lone human in middle of orcs or elves :)
The Illians and the Balseraph seem like the most reasonable choices if you don't get to choose what you will end up as. The reason being the Illians are likely the most tolerant of different genders/races and would find work for you (even if it's mining coal in the dark for the next 20 years).

The balseraphs because the threat is the same regardless of your position, rank or abilities. If you are already rolling the dice on being a talented orc with the svartalvar, a scrawny human with the orcs or a male under the rule of alexis you may as well roll those dice every day.

If I was able to choose what I ended up as, it would be the doviello as a brutal warrior. Leading the charge against the enemy, coming back to cheers and stories around their camps.. it would be epic.
If I got to pick what I would wind up as, I'd be a Grigori hero.


Sorry forgot the subject was "evil."

Hmmm I guess I'd say Doviello or Illians. Probaby Illians. After your first couple of wars and raids everything would blend together as Doviello. The other Evil civs are a turn off to me.

The whole orc thing isn't appealing. When the AC gets high it looks like a Titan with diarrhea took a dump all over the Sheim lands.

I hate Vampires in any genre now. The Balseraphs never did it for me. I kill Hyborem on sight, no matter whether I am a good or evil civ in game. The Svartalfar meh.

Illians. Better Auric Ulvin than any of the alternatives. Who knows I might like things better with him running everything than I would with a good civ like the Bannor.
Sure, I'll weigh in.

I always thought of Adonias as the Calabim outpost in the desert. Given that, I suppose I'd be a leader of the Council of Esus there. The sun keeps the overlords (vampiric, not Octopus) outta my hair, with assassins at my beck and call if, say, Losha showed up. I figure 20 or so assassins might have an 80% chance against her if they all went at once...

'Course, if I'm wrong about all that, then I'll go see Auric. He always seeme d reasonable.
Hmm when i think about it i would go with the Sheaim...i never realy liked the world anyways.
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