Which Resident Evil? (PS2)


Mar 6, 2006
I think I want to buy Resident Evil 4 for Playstation 2.

I see there are several versions, and I don't know which one I want.

Here's the versions I know of:

- Resident Evil 4
- Resident Evil 4: Limited Edition
- Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller
- Resident Evil 4 Platinum
- Resident Evil 4: The Essentials
- Resident Evil 4: Premium Edition
- Resident Evil 4: Collector's Pack

Maybe it does not matter what version I'll decide for, because every shop is sold out. But I hope one or more versions will be in the shops again some day.
I don't like auctions / second hand sales very much, but anyway I must decide what version I want. I find many reviews, but they are only for "Resident Evil 4", not any of special versions. :undecide:
Maybe someone can recommend an European shop except for play.com?

Shops outside Europe, I suspect their games may not work due to the sone system. Maybe it depends if the game disc is a DVD or a CD.
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