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Who do you want to see added? Pick ten leaders, five of them for new civs.


Mar 13, 2009
New civs:

Vietnam, led by Trung Sisters. A Water Theatre gives them a strong culture game. When fighting a legal war, Vietnamese units are stronger. (No Viet Cong UU - that'd come from Ho Chi Minh's LA)

Polynesia, led by Hongi Hika. Largely the same as in CiV, with a 'Moderniser' LA - every time you make first contact with a rival Civ, you get a Eureka for each tech they have and you don't. Sail off and do your own thing for a while!

Mali, led by Mansa Musa. Civ ability is Riches of the Niger; extra gold for luxury tiles. UB is Mud Brick Mosque. LA is Zakat (Islamic charity): you can convert money into Golden Age points for yourself, and for everyone you have met, with reductions for being at war, not having trade routes, etc.

Zulu, led by Shaka. Bring back the guy every CiV player is scared of. You know where this is going. UD is the Kraal. UU is the Impi.

Inca, led by Viracocha. LA is The First Conqueror; a bonus to attacking cities, and when capturing cities, Districts that have not been pillaged retain any UBs. His own cities also get higher strength in combat. UI is Terrace Farm. UU is the Stone Maceman; a resourceless Swordsman unlocked by Masonry.

Extra leaders:

Tokugawa Ieyasu of Japan. Toku is not happy at having missed all of CiV and the launch of CiVI. When Toku sends a trade route to a friendly city, it generates a bonus trade yield equal to what it it would yield if it were a foreign city, because this is Civ Toku and the Gaijin can keep their foreign goods.

Lenin of Russia. Stalin's overused. He could have an interesting 'world revolution' LA. You know how CiV Sweden got & gave extra GPP for DOF? Like that, but for being at peace and having the same Government.

Hatshepsut of Egypt. If we're aiming for personalities, she's our King. Her UA is a UB - Obelisks generate more Culture than regular Monuments.

FDR of US. He might have been in office in the same century as Teddy, and they might have the same surname, but I think the latter is a nice quirk and given how notorious the US is for having a two party system it makes sense to have a Democrat. He'd also be the series' second disabled leader (after the blind Enrico Dandolo), which is good for diversity. New Deal UA causes tile improvements to build twice as fast, and Unemployed population to generate +1 hammer & gold.

Anna Nzinga of Kongo. She gets bonuses to the diplomatic/espionage game, especially when sharing a religion.
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