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Why is time so cheesy in civ


Dec 24, 2001
Don't you wish you knew
Have you ever noticed it takes years to move your units to move from one place to another. I don't know about you but I don't think it takes about 8 years to travel around the world. I am sorry if this was already a thread, if it was I could not find it. What is your take on this issue.
Well it would be absurd for your warriors to go all the way from say France to India, would it? It wouldn't be fun if your units could explore the entire world in one turn, would it?

I always assumed that the warriors were:

-Patrolling the area, taking more time than normal
- Living on the square they are on, for 50 years at a time (or 20)
- Too afraid to stray from their home town ;)
Still maybe turns should be 1/3 of a year. I am not saying that troops should have tons more movement points just the time in whcih it takes place is a little off. Yeah, I get your point on what there isnt that also makes it easier.
Then you are creating a completely different game. Having 3 turns for a year would probably make the game more similar to how Shogun plays...
You can always modify your game and/or download some scenarios to see how a different time frame works out. :yeah:

It really is part of the main game but in let´s say WW1 and WW2 scenarios the time per turn is down to weeks or days, something more realistic.

I´d suggest that in a normal game you don´t think of time as years but turns, this way you won´t get those confusing thoughts.
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