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Windhurstian Cardian (09JUL05)

DJ Bonebraker

a.k.a Laura
Mar 10, 2004
Eorzea, Hydaelyn
Got this unit done finally. This is a Cardian from the Federation of WIndhurst in FF XI. Since neither of the two races that make up most of the population in Windhurst (Mithra and Taru-Taru) are very good front-line fighters, the Taru-Taru used their magic to create a series of Golems to do their fighting for them. They called these golems Cardians, since their ability designators are based on a deck of cards. For instance, a Cardian that's a strong Red-Mage would be a 10 of Diamonds/Coins, and a low level Paladin would be a 2 of Swords/Spades, and so on.

Here's the files:



  • Cardian.gif
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Cool, he's like some kind of funny Roman Legionary. I like!
zulu9812 said:
weren't you supposed to be making a gatling gunner?

Check the Unit Artist's library ;) I finished that unit, like, two weeks ago.

Mithadan: The sword and shield are from KB's Legion set for his PDM. I just used Poser to export them as .3ds, after which I imported them into Bryce.
Great job on this one, he looks fantastic. Are you doing any with a magic attack, or just this one with the sword? Of course, if you are doing any others, maybe you'd better check with zulu first to make sure you're not supposed to be doing another unit instead. :p

Again, great job on the unit. :goodjob:
Sort of hard to see the body in the preview because of the massive shield in the way... But he (it?) looks cool :D
Samez said:
I don't think it'll work as roman leginary because of the three wheels instead of legs...
Heh heh, I super didn't notice that!
Grandraem: glad you like the unit. I'm most likely not going to be making any other Cardians, unless you can provide info on the latest two expansions for FF XI that would give enough info to add a 5th faction from that game....

Kinboat: It's an it. As I said in the first post, Carians are essentially golems that were created by the Mithra and Taru-Taru of WIndhurst to serve as front line fighters due to the fact that Mithra are better suited to special job classes like Ninja, Thief and Ranger and Tarus are strictly Mages, Summoners and Rangers.
Well I can be of some help since I've actually played the game with the expansions. Excellent unit by the way.
If used in an epic game, it could be used by the Romans as a Golem Legion. :eek: Ok, now it's going in my mod. Nice work. :goodjob:
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