Windows 11 free upgrade.


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Jul 6, 2002
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My wife wants to know if we should do it. The laptop is a couple of years old and the desktop is refurbished business model, so age unknown.

Considerations and opinions?

If it doesn't show up under Windows Update, you'll need to d/l the PC Health Check App (at the bottom of the page here). It will tell you if your computer will run Win11, and if not, what issues are present that you can correct. IMO, even if the computer meets the minimum specs I don't think it's really a worthwhile upgrade (from Win10) for most general users at this time. Win10 support goes to 2025, so personally I'm not going to upgrade for awhile.
Is the upgrade available already? I thought it was only just announced as in development?
I bought my laptop with Win11. That the part constantly sparks to Bill is clear, we probably have to live with it.
Otherwise, it runs stable. Only how does a reinstallation work? As far as I know, today's computers have a chip in which the information for Microsoft are?
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