Workers' Struggle : Capturing that City!


Jan 27, 2004
Shanghai, the Middle Kingdom
Since I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, I'll just post it here. Mods, do what you will if this isn't the right place.

Playing the Earth map, I'd started with Germany, with Russia to my right, and the Vikings to the north. I'd already spread the empire out, taking over France & Spain, as well as Rome & one of Greece's main cities, Athens.

I was well on my way to conquering the Vikings, at that time a vassal to Catherine of Russia. This would pose a problem, as I'd be fighting a 2-front war. The way I did it was to simply move tons of forces north, take the Viking cities as quickly as I could while sending in Knights to destroy Russian land improvements. All was going as planned.

I finally had the last Viking city in my grasp, and as I pushed my forces in, the message up top rang up that I conquered that city!

But... another message rang up saying I'd conquered a Russian city as well! Funny, as I didn't try to do that. I go over to Yarlslavl, and there it is. A WORKER! In full dress German uniform, standing victoriously over Yarlslavl. Problem is though, he's also standing victoriously over 3 War Elephants, some Archers & some catapults, all belonging to Catherine! Since technically, Yarlslavl is now mine, I quickly made peace with Catherine, which ejected her troops from that city, and moved more of my spare forces in.

Now... I'd had spies running around Russia as well. Could a spy have been captured & perhaps grabbed that worker before dying? Since technically I was at war with Catherine, that worker, being in the city, automatically claimed that city as conquered? I'm not really sure what happened. Hence why I don't know if that was a real victory or something that belongs in "Bug Reports". This is on :bts: by the way.
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