wrong units in ToT scenarios


Nov 27, 2003
In some ToT scenarios (each installed into its own sub-folder within the main game folder), the units displayed are not those from units.bmp in the scenario folder. They seem to be units.bmp from the Original folder.

But they can't be, because they still appear even if I remove that file altogether. Is this strange, or what?

Some scenarios (e.g. AE-3500B) don't suffer from this problem. GG2 was ok initially, but is now affected. A couple of others have been affected from the start.

I'm running ToT with patch 1.2 on Xp.

What have I done wrong??
There is no patch 1.2. :p ;)

But seriously, the problem (as always) is with the (animated) sprites.

This thread addresses the same problem:

To fix the scenario, here's what you can do:
1) Open the scenario as if it were a savegame (you can type in "*.scn" first to display scenarios).
2) Open the cheat menu and go to Cheat > Scenario Parameters > Edit Special Rules and set the .SPR file override to 1.
3) Save the scenario

The scenario should now be using the units.bmp correctly.
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