WTH, an allied GDR shot down my jet bomber

Nov 14, 2006
Las Vegas
Another gripe about this game, I've never seen this bug before. Has anyone else seen this? I was attacking a Russian city, but an allied GDR from Gaul (who was adjacent to the Russian city) shot down my full strength jet bomber with 2 promotions. As you can imagine, I'm a bit salty. Surely this is a bug and not intended. I guess they never got around to fixing this.

That will teach me to help an ally out.
think the OP understands fully well that GDRs can shoot down planes, but allied ones less so.

Yeah my main concern was I was not at war with that civilization.

Even more funny stuff, though I wouldn't classify it as a bug, was that the Gauls later declared war back on Russia some time after the first war ended. Which was a betrayal emergency I might add, Russia betrayed Gaul. So later Gaul attacks Russia, and Gaul gets hit by a betrayal emergency vote (they won this one though). :crazyeye: I thought that was funny. I'm thinking Gaul is well within their rights to declare war on Russia since Russia betrayed them in the past. Kind of bogus they get hit with a betrayal emergency vote for declaring war against a civ that betrayed them in the past.
Years ago, I remember attacking a barbarian unit with a biplane and an adjacent battleship of an AI civ with whom I was not at war responded with AA fire to damage my biplane. It seems it is a very long-standing bug, or rather, an example of a superefficient coding, where they economized on a 'friendly fire' check. Remember the times when you could nuke declared friends and allies with complete impunity? That one got fixed, but this one seems to be less important in consequences so probably they just did not care to fix it.
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Funniest thing is in the Hall of Fame game details it lists jet bomber as my weakest unit, and warrior as my strongest unit. :) Okay... Just happens early games units do most of the killing. It's kind of a weird way to indicate strongest unit.
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GDR are a 'joke' from the devs. They are totally unbalanced and broken, the AI can't use them properly and most players on here will tell you 'the game should be over well before you get GDRs' so nobody cares.

Although I agree the game is over well before you get GDR (it's really over if you get a good start location and know what you're doing), I enjoy the idea of playing into the modern game.
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