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Yes Another MOSR (Monarch OCC Space Race)

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by microbe, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. davidcrazy

    davidcrazy Chieftain

    Sep 25, 2003
    really fun to read!
    just wonder why i cannot do all these things....
  2. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003

    1862AD: Hoover Dam due, we are in Golden Age! Build a colosseum as our pop will grow to 20 in 4 turns.

    1864AD: We lost oil from Rome? Buy from Babylon again. Amphibious War to Bab for oil+WM+12gpt+70g. 88g for horses from Rome.

    IBT Miniaturization -> Ecology due in 11.
  3. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1866AD: India enters Modern Ages. I still have Ecology, Synthetic Fibers, Rocketry, Fission, Nuclear Power, Laser, Superconductor, Satellites and Robotics to go. That's 9 techs. I have 142 turns left. With GA I can research about 2 techs. Let's say the rest is 15 turns per tech, then that would be 105 turns. It's close but doable. With our careful plan we won't hit culture win before that (it's sth like 2045).

    But can we do better? I want to go there as fast as possible.

    We have 3 scientific civs: Russia, Germany and Babylon. Each of them will draw a free tech in Modern ages and they cannot all get Computers, can they? So we have a big chance of getting 2 techs with trading or .. stealing.

    That's why I researched Maniaturization. It was the only tech that I could research and AI wouldn't be able to get for free. Now I can only research the 3 first-level techs so it's time for some charity!

    I sell Refining to Germany for WM+5gpt+56g.

    I give Russia Atomic Theory, Electronics, Motorized Transportation and Radio. She gets Computers as free tech! :mad:

    I do the same for Babylon, he gets Rocketry! [dance]

    However he asks for Computers+13990 for it.

    I gift Germany 7~8 techs and he gets Ecology! Nice.

    We try a safe steal on Babylon, failed. Try on Germany, succeeded! So we have Ecology!

    Ecology+Computers+1705g to Babylon for Rocketry.

    Summary: Russia has Computers. Babylon has Rocketry, computers, Ecology. Germany has Ecology.

    I'll research Fission, hoping AIs research Synthetic Fibers or Space Flight. So I trade India either Ecology or Rocketry for that purpose. I can get WM+192gpt+725g. Which one is cheaper? Ecology since three CIVs have it.

    Ecology to India for WM+192gpt+725g.

    So I've got two techs. I start Fission.

    I start Offshore Platform. During this turn I spent like 8000g. Still have 12K in bank.

    Fission in 9.
  4. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    IBT a privateer attacks our galleon at the Aztec island and it sinks!

    1868AD: Buy two Russian workers.

    IBT Aztec and Russia sign peace, but declares again.

    1870AD: We try to plant a spy in Russia but failed.

    IBT Rome and Russia make peace. Offshore Platform -> temple (dyes lost last turn and we'll grow next turn)

    1872AD: IBT Babylon and India sign MPP.

    IBT temple->Mass Transit.

    1874AD: 44g for furs from Germany.

    IBT Rome declares on Russia. Now I think I don't need those AIs to do research anymore so the more they fight the better.

    We caught a Bab spy.

    1878AD: buy another bab worker.

    1880AD: Dyes come back to us with Orenburg being captured.

    1882AD: oops I just find we have no aluminum! Moscow has a source. OK, I'd have to get that.

    70g to Rome for RoP.

    I plant a spy in Russia. She has 8 infantry, 2 guerilla, 1 rifle in two cities and that's it. OK, we can't wait. I declare immediately.

    IBT Moscow under bombers.

    1884AD: I hold the position but not attack right away. I want to make sure the city will be razed by ME, but I don't want to weaken its defense and let others capture it.

    Buy a worker from India.

    IBT Moscow under bombers and drops to size 5 and now a conscript rifle on top.

    1886AD: 300g to Bab for rubber.

    1st tank attacks infantry, retreats. 2nd tank kills it. flaks on top. vet cav loses and it promotes. elite cav kills it. a conscript rifle shows up. vet cav kills it but redlines. a redline conscript infantry shows up. vet cav attacks and we raze Moscow! It has Universal Suffrage - it's the first time I ever raze a wonder city!

    Russia is destroyed.

    I create a colony immediately. I occupy all close tiles to prevent AI from settling there.

    I sign RoP with India just to make him polite.

    IBT Fission->Nuclear Power in 11.
  5. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
  6. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1888AD: I sell Rocketry to Germany for WM+140g+64gpt hoping he could research Space Flight.

    I sell temple again. We have no Uranium.

    1894AD: I buy another Indian worker.

    1896AD: Germany has Rocketry and Computers, but nothing new.

    Buy a bab worker.

    1898AD: I start UN due in 9. Somebody researched ironclads. I suspect it's Rome and he has entered Modern Ages. I trade Ecology to him for Ironclads. Please somebody research Synthetic Fibers or Space Flight!

    IBT Aztec and Bab sign MPP.

    1900AD: Buy worker from India and Rome. Nobody researched anything useful. Probably India researched Rocketry.

    Rome demands Rocketry, which I give.

    IBT: Rome declared on us! Our GA ended.

    1902AD: try to plant a spy in Rome, failed.

    I switch UN to MI. 450g to Babylon, Computers to India and its 499g, 520g to Germany, Steam Power+20g to Aztec, I sign alliance with everybody.

    1904AD: We destroy Orenburg (and there are 4 bombers inside).

    1906AD: 390g to renew oil from Bab.

    1908AD: We capture Yaroslavl' and give it to Babylon (and we lose the tank that captured it)

    1910AD: IBT Nuclear Power is in, set to Laser due in 13.

    1912AD: India seems to have 2 sources of Uranium. We plant a spy in Germany, but another attempt on Rome fails again.

    Saw some TOW action in the field, cool. :)
  7. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1916AD: I sell Fission to India for WM+124gpt+594g. He has 2 extra Uranium. 240g for it. Cheap!

    I start building Nuclear Plant. It would make me above 100spt.

    IBT India starts UN and Manhattan.

    1918AD: I rush Nuclear Plant by 616g. Novgorod just has 2 conscript TOW (1-hp after bombard), so it's captured and given to Babylon.

    Try planting a spy in Rome the third time, and we succeed. It has 53 infantry, 12 tank and 12 TOW.

    Nuclear Plant done, we know can produce tank every turn. But I'll rush UN first as India started it.

    1920AD: Germany and Rome sign peace.
  8. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1922AD: We postpone the vote of course, otherwise we would win.

    1924AD: Raze another city.

    1926AD: We lost rubber and there is none available now. Oh Rome must have pillaged it.

    1928AD: I connect the rubber for Bab and buy it with 14gpt.

    1934AD: Another city razed.

    1936AD: IBT Laser done.

    1938AD: I only have 5 techs to go. However, none of the AI has anything. It's very possible that AI will research Synthetics Fiber or Space Flight soon. That means I'd better research Robotics. However, without Space Flight I cannot build any parts, so I decide to go for Space Flight myself, due in 14.

    RoP with Germany to make it polite.

    IBT Germany and India sign MPP, and alliance against Rome.

    1942AD: MM to let city produce more than 110spt (MI), but it means changing one food to mine and we'll lose one pop.

    IBT Our alliance deal ends. Decline UN vote again.

    1944AD: We stay at war to make others polite.

    IBT India and Rome sign peace.

    1946AD: 380g to Bab for oil.
  9. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1951AD: India completes Manhattan Project.

    1952AD: Indian city expands and eats our iron again.

    290g to Germany for iron and furs.

    1953AD: 170g to India to renew Uranium. Start Internet as prebuild for Apollo.

    1957AD: India has Synthetic Fibers! And Babylon seems to get Fission?

    Miniaturization for Synthetic Fibers+WM+280g+167gpt.

    In the mean time Rome and Babylon are still fighting. The following screenshot shows that every turn Rome sends a few MIs and tanks next to Nineveh, and I bombard them into 1 or 2 hp, and then Babylon finishes them off.

    I'll try to keep the balance here: neither Rome nor Bab should win. They should just keep fighting.

    IBT Space Flight -> Robotics.

    India/Germany start Internet.

    1958AD: I switch Internet to Apollo. Bab has Space Flight! Fine, at least you may try Superconductors.

    Now India only lacks Nuclear Power and Laser. Germany and Bab also lack Synthetic Fibers.

    Space Race Is ON!

    IBT renew RoP with India.

    India and Babylon sign alliance against Rome again. I like it, let them be at war with each other so I won't draw their attention.

    1959AD: Robotics due in 14.

    We don't need anything else except SS parts (and modern armors), so I mobolize. This will half the culture increase (but even without it we'd only hit 20K in 2044). Modern Armor every turn, yeah!

    IBT renew rubber deal with 25gpt.

    1962AD: MA is just overwhelming.

    But I'll not do much more offense toward Rome - let it keep fighting.

    We have WW, so lux temporarily to 10 delaying research by 1 turn.
  10. Erik Mesoy

    Erik Mesoy Core Tester / Intern

    Mar 25, 2002
    Oslo, Norway
    A few notes...
    You could have blocked the choke with 3 units. You showed 3 holding off a bab, move them 1 step back (southeast) and they fill the choke.
    When you give away a city with a unit in, the unit gets sent to your capital rather than being lost (I know this from my own OCCs: a city would flip, bring a free defender, then I'd gift it and the defender would teleport home.)
    Are you surprised at long research times when doing OCC???
  11. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    1963AD: We start SS Docking Bay.

    1964AD: IBT SS Docking Bay -> SS Exterior Casing.

    1967AD: Oops, the Aztec city finally expands and we lose our coal. ;) We buy coal from India for a miniscule 40g.

    1968AD: 33gpt to renew oil. Man it's getting more and more expensive.

    1970AD: IBT SS Exterior Casing -> SS Engine.

    1972AD: 250g to renew furs+iron from Germany.

    1973AD: 200g to renew uranium from Germany.

    IBT Robotics->Satellites due in 13 with 10 lux and 90 sci. I MM to hire one more sci to lower lux to 0 and sci to 100, Satellites due in 12.

    1976AD IBT SS Engine -> SS Stasis Chamber. India builds Internet.

    1977AD IBT Germany builds SS Cockpit.

    1978AD: I sell Laser to India for WM+1930g+236gpt.

    1979AD: IBT Babylon offers to renew rubber with 26gpt. This is interesting: if I say "counter-proposal", he would ask for a huge amount (more than 1000g), or Nuclear Power.

    India and Rome make peace.

    Another part completed.

    1982AD: IBT SS Cockpit -> SS Storage/Supply.

    1983AD: India has built 4 parts and he has Superconductor. I trade Laser for Superconductor+9gpt+20g (not full price but OK). This would save me 11 turns of research, thank you! He still lacks Robotics, and I have Satellites due in 3. I'm ready to go!

    1984AD: Ur riots! :wallbash: We have 22% WW. lux to 10% again. Germany adds another part.

    1985AD: IBT Satellites due! Smart Weapons due in 15, which wouldn't matter.

    SS Storage/Supply -> SS Thrusters.

    To prevent India from having extra energy nowhere to use, I sign alliance with it against Rome again. Let's play very safe in the next few turns..those AIs probably have nukes.

    1986AD: Upgrade all artillery to radar artillery.

    IBT Aztec demands Radio, I give to her.

    Rome and Germany sign alliance.

    Germany adds another part.

    1987AD: I sign alliance with Germany again. Let's make sure everyone is busy and gracious with me!

    1988AD: renew oil deal with the same terms (33gpt).

    IBT SS Thrusters -> SS Feul Cells.

    1990AD: IBT Rome and Babylon make peace.

    IBT SS Feul Cells -> SS Planetary Party Lounge.

    1991AD: Sign Babylon back into alliance with 225g.

    1993AD: SS Planetary Party Lounge due, we have the last part: SS Life Support System. It's 4 turns, but we have an SGL, so use it!

    IBT SS Life Support System due.

    Babylon declares on the Indians! :eek: OK, you fight, I launch!

    Score 463. We are Gilgamesh the Pathetic. :rotfl:

    final culture 15241.

    India completed 8 parts.
  12. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
  13. Semulin

    Semulin Bad Kitty

    Oct 24, 2003
  14. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
  15. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
  16. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    Really a fun game. Some key things for note:

    1. AI is extremely slow at Monarch. People playing at higher levels may have been used to fast tech pace and it could cause misjudgement. Scientific AIs certainly helped.

    2. This is our research path:

    (1) Ancient Ages (5): Alphabet, Writing, Philosophy, Republic, Currency
    (2) Middle Ages (300AD - 12): Monotheism, Theology, Education, Astronomy, Banking, Navigation, Gunpowder, Chemistry, Physics, ToG, Magnetism, Metallury
    (3) Industrial Ages (1325AD - 12): Steam Power, Industrialization, Electricity, Replaceable Parts, Corporation, Refining, Steel, Medicine, Scientific Method, Radio, Mass Production (partial), Motorized Transportation
    (4) Modern Ages (1834AD - 8): Miniaturization, Fission, Nuclear Power, Laser, Space Flight, Robotics, Satellites.

    That's 37 techs in total.

    3. Fun to grab the coal and aluminum.

    4. AI will become more aggressive at the end. Allying everybody against a common foe seems to be a safe way to insure the victory without a surprise (I was sneak-attacked too many times in traditional games).

    Some references:

    Aggie's original MOSR

    He launched in 1984 (10 turns earlier, but my sci output screen is cooler ;)), and had a struggle in the end to prevent culture win. The lesson learned from his game definitely helped.

    Here is an ongoing SG: AG6 - OCC Space Race which is a similar game, if you haven't seen enough. ;)
  17. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    True, but they would settle on the silks and with culture expansion (it will, consider Bab's traits) that position cannot hold too long as they would ask you to leave.

    If I had 4 units then they could not settle at all (marshes are not settlable).

    Anyway I didn't expect that to be very important. Russia had already settled in the south. It was more like for fun. :)

    Didn't know this, thanks.

    Actually I find it's not THAT big a difference. Maybe several reasons:
    1. the city is really strong and no corruption
    2. I usually play large map. On standard map the difference between one city and many cities is smaller.
    3. with 80% water the AI is not too big either.

    I don't know how feasible it is to try this game on Emperor. On one hand AI is stronger, on the other hand they research faster so we may launch faster. As you can see the only challenge in this game is manipulating tech pace and getting AIs to do useful research. Maybe it's doable on an archipelago map.
  18. ArmPilot

    ArmPilot Chieftain

    Feb 29, 2004
    Western PA; Eastern USA
    One thing i want to know is why were you calling the Aztecs her? As far as i know the aztecs never had a female leader in real life.
    This makes me want to try this kind of game.
  19. microbe

    microbe Cascaded Mansion

    Nov 16, 2003
    The leatherhead looks like a female. It's not??? :lol:
  20. longshot007

    longshot007 Chieftain

    Dec 28, 2002
    Yoshi's Island

    I hope that was a joke....

    Its montezuma dude.:crazyeye:

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