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  • I think your contributions to the nomination threads are great, I just thought you should know.
    This post is just so good. And I don't know if I should be happy or disturbed that YOLOing is catching on for oddball endorsements.
    Being a bit of a political nerd, I like to comment on and try to figure out elections too. But for me, the horse race numbers are basically noise compared to the underlying trends and forces at work. And that's what I like about your commentary because you are digging deep.

    At some point, hopefully after my apartment situation is straightened out and work gets more steady than overwhelming, I want to jump back in and bounce some ideas off you in the threads.
    I'm lurking in over half the 2016 threads now because of work, but I have to say, I really appreciate your insight into the race.
    I'm not taking the thread seriously, it should be 'statute of limitations /thread' and be done with it, otherwise, as I pointed out, we should return half the European continent to the Bretons.
    Are you a Catholic? You seem to be well-versed in Christian theology.

    (Side-note: is that Philip II in your user-pic?)
    Haha. You seem to have the same kind 'live and let live' attitude to the world that I do.
    I'm reading "UK threatens Ecuador to raid their Embassy over Assange" right now and I would just like to tell you that you're easily the best poster I've ever encountered on any forum I've ever been to.
    The Swedes would never hand him over to begin with because the United States wouldn't ever take the death penalty off the table. And even then, I don't much care. It's just a load of posturing from a man who doesn't want to show up to court.
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