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  • you are now informally invited to that QT so now you won't feel like you have to leave
    Seconding rugbyLEAGUEfan! And what you wrote in Chomsky thread was good too. I always felt that things fell in places a little too easily in his writings/speeches, but have never had the incentive to check his sources. :)
    I probably err more on the side of "dick" than "not a dick" on the internet, yeah, especially depending on time of day, level of alcohol consumption, previous experience with a given user, previous experience with a given topic in discussion with other users, and level of boredom.
    If you define "intelligence" not as "the lack of knowledge of facts" and more as "the willingness to learn without acting like you know ALL THE THINGS", then yes, I do reserve the right to act like a dick to people that I deem to be "unintelligent". I actively try to be civilly helpful to people who just ask a freaking question, because I try to behave that way whenever I want to learn about something I know I don't know very much about. (Which is a helluva lot, obviously.) Even if it's somebody that I actively dislike, if that person isn't making a douchebag post I'm not going to act like a douchebag back.
    Winston, Winston, Winston. Haven't you noticed yet that Quacks and I are always half-trolling each other around?

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