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  • Yo I've got 2 free imports and 2 free exports for Fire and Blood. Hello dearest neighbour, would u liek trade?
    Fire and Blood: Would the El-Shennawi Sultanate be willing to make a trade of 1 export (to the papacy) for 1IC?
    Lol. All I'm saying is that if you try to fight me, its going to go poorly for you.

    If you're trying to convince me to give up the Isle of Man, I will not. Stop pestering me. If you want it, you're going to have to make a better application than I did.
    No, I do not care that you want the Isle of Man, and I do not care if you spend your entire game trying to take the Isle. I'm intending to play the Isle of Man, and if you devote your game to trying to fight me, then you're going to run out of gold, ships, and men. Have fun trying though!
    There is no publicly available list of leaders. You will only address the National People's Congress in any and all diplomatic letters.
    Tis your choice where to place it, anyways if you're going central north I'd appreciate it if you make it crystal clear that you are not linking it to the northwest (my) landmass (for my intentions a separation from the main landmass is preferable).
    You should clarify what you mean by "north" with regards to your land creation order. I would advise you place it north of (and connected too) the big volcano death land [ergo north east of the map], seeing as you intend your land on being dead and barren. It would be an easy biome transition.

    Would you mind giving me information about the organization that your character works? Is not urgent, but it would be nice addition to the lore.

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