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  • Is changing your starting units allowed? If so, may I exchange one militia for a destroyer in the Gulf?
    Hello LH! :D

    I am looking forward to set out my classic style fantasy IOT! :D

    Be sure to join! :D
    Am I correct in assuming that my +1STR Land Combat bonus applies to every battle I fight this turn, & is not something I have to assign?
    Just a quick question about IOTHF: Are there any age limits to the characters we can have? Because I'm kind of intending there to be a sort of age=wisdom=power thing amongst the Fae which requires some of the older ones to be several thousand years old, and not sure how much the games history allows for in terms of creatures ages given that they're only in the second age.
    In IOTHF, is it possible to disband military units & gain back the manpower lost during their purchase? And if so, would it be possible to use the manpower to purchase a different military unit the same turn?
    Nag me monday too. I'll try to get you at least one by then, and at least one more before I go away, because next Saturday I'll definitely be out of action for a week, and probably only very limited time for the rest of the summer.
    No problem. Try to get it in tomorrow, if not, no worries.

    The summer is pretty packed, we'll have to see how it goes but I'm not sure how many chapters I'll be able to actually get through this summer.

    I mean, you'll definitely get at least a few, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm still not done in September.
    Just a little update: This week is swamped with writing thank you letters for graduation money, and my own writing. I won't get to it then. After that, feel free to message me every 3-4 days asking what's up, but I'm gonna be trying to get a project done for a little cousin within a month, so don't expect too much.
    Just out of curiosity, why did an email saying that it was rejected make a difference? Are you planning to actually do anything about it or are you just depressed?:p

    Man, its a good story so far. Not perfect, but good. I don't see why they wouldn't publish it with some revision. The possibility that I may end up having to self-publish no matter how much I refine has officially been placed in my mind. You're a better writer than I am, easily:)
    What in game mechanical methods is there to counter atomics? Do atomics occur after war stats? Can it be possible to conquer a province before the atomics launch? Just want to know my options.
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