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  • The reality, for the record, is that this week is my graduation and my family's in town, so the likelihood of getting one this week is slim. Since I've waited so long, I'm allowing you to nag me each day and hope you get lucky, but the reality is it will likely be Monday or Tuesday next week.
    Not tonight... honestly very likely not this week but you have my permission to spam me every 24 hours just because I've failed for so long.
    I am looking forward to see the fruits of what will come in IOTMAD! :D

    I look forward to the surprise! :)
    Man... I totally failed you man... It's been another week and I still haven't got you anything...

    I feel bad... I'd feel horrible if you had actually sent anything in that window of time:p

    I don't know how its gonna be this week. Feel free to spam me anywhere every 24 hours if you feel like it... since this is sort of my fault.

    When is mine coming?
    Hey, I didn't know if you're coming back on chat tonight, so question.

    Is it too late to change Audrey's age to younger? Like 10 or something?

    Seems like I haven't done anything age-restrictive yet.
    Hey LH how much longer are you expecting MAD:IOT to last? I ask because I've got DYOS, Son's RP, a bunch of Mafia Games and testing week coming up and if doesn't end soon I might have to quit. :(
    Say... in IOTMAD does one be able to recruit armies with support of the supplies the same turn that the supply structure is build?
    From China
    To our Mongol Brothers:

    We are happy that you decided to reject Western imperialism.
    Hey my mom isn't letting me bring my laptop to Boston, i may be able to get on for a few minutes to check on IOTMAD but don't expect much from me until late Saturday, i already have my orders in for this turn though so don't worry about that. Catch you when i get back.
    Just noticed. I should have 44 income in MAD this turn. You forgot my 50% no bus I believe. 12 from trade, 17 from territories is 29. 50% of 29 is 15 when rounded up as is custom at DEFCON 5 you've said. 29+15=44. Is this correct?
    I may or may not be slightly late for MAD orders lock as I'm waiting on a few things to be settled and I may be b usb tomorrow.
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