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Feb 16, 2015
Jun 26, 2012
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Calgary, Canada

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Submitter, from Calgary, Canada

Sanguivorant was last seen:
Feb 16, 2015
    1. Matthias I
      Matthias I
      Could invite me to the Democratic Caliphate group?
    2. Traitorfish
      Just wanted to say, I've been admiring your conduct in the "Ask a Muslim youth" thread. There's been a lot of silly, presumptuous and occasionally just plain rude posts in there, and I've been impressed by your ability to remain consistently calm and thoughtful despite them. (I suspect I'd have lost my patience pages back.)
    3. SouthernKing
      Hey, I hear that the foreign affairs minister position in your Democratic Caliphate IAAR is available, and I'm interesting in taking it?
    4. VGL
      Hi.please join my Iranian story.we currently re started and if you want a position,you can change someone for a position or wait for a new province to open once i capture "Kingdom of Pakistan".
    5. adhiraj.bose
      hi, I have put ministerial positions open to applicants for my India game. Four of the five have already been taken but the ministry for domestic affairs is still vacant. Apply in time before to get it.
    6. TheNoob
      Yeah, I think I could watch over the ships for now. Depending if I like it or not, I might just stick with it.
    7. TheNoob
      Hey, I'm kind of curious, but how do I start participating in the Democratic Caliphate story?
    8. adhiraj.bose
      hi, have I invited you to my India story ? If not check it out. Its titled "tryst with destiny" and the link is in my signature. you just missed an important vote though :P .
    9. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      You should schlepp by the America thread and throw in a vote just for old times sake.
    10. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Welcome back to the story-writing!
    11. BenZL43
      Thanks a lot :)
      Was it Arabic name only or Masri name as well?
      Btw I think you shouldn't write it there.. other user will be confused what happens lol. The trick I was taught by Leoreth is to use random old post, but again, Thanks :)
    12. BenZL43
      Hi! Thank you for helping. Let's start this from the Iberian, which I have posted here. I learnt that trick from Leoreth around 1 year ago, it's very unlikely someone will randomly read that hahahaha. You can reply using your old post as well if you want. Just take your time~

      I got these names from the Arabic, Persian and Egyptian Spoken Arabic Wikipedia page, probably the disadvantages is I can't provide medieval-era names for you to help me transliterate since that's what I got. While some of them have their Arabic names already (due to the Caliphate of Cordoba), I think I'd rather wait for the one from you.. because probably Wikipedia is using machine to transliterate and the names as different from paragraph to paragraph -_-

      For Santiago de Compostela.. since that name is too long, anything that equals Santiago is fine. (There's no other Santiago anyway in the game)

      Thank you very much! ^^
    13. BenZL43
      That's interesting. Well the current CNM features 3 different languages that use Arabic script... I think. Arab, Egyptian Arabic (Masri) and Persia. I'm not sure tho whether the last one use Arabic script or there's separate Persian script.

      That would be an awesome help, but there's a lot of city names that needs to be Arabic-zed... will that be alright? Haha I usually find Arabic name for major cities though that hasn't been in game where imo it should be because the prevalence of Human or random AI Arabia/Moors catching the cities is kinda big.

      By the way, do you also know where can I get a Coptic name for Egyptian cities? So far I only got Rakot for Alexandria. I'm using the name for Egypt when they reach Medieval era but the state religion is not Islam and the Dynamic Civ Name is Coptic Kingdom ^^
    14. BenZL43
      I see. Does the locals still call Cairo as al-Qahire?
      Are you a Canadian from Egypt, btw? You don't need to answer if you don't want haha.

      I'm making some modification to the CityNameManager, trying to improve it.. so I'm looking for helps in the Arabic section haha. Do you know any good site that can transliterate Arabic letters to Latin letters? ^^

    15. BenZL43
      Hi Sanguivorant! Thanks for answering ^^

      I also wonder why some Arabic city names use Al in front of it (al-Quds, al-Iskandariyya etc) while some others not (Barshiluna, Baghdad, Dimashq etc). Do you happen to know the reason why? Thanks!
    16. BenZL43
      Hi Sanguivorant!
      Which one do you think how Arabic city name for Jerusalem is supposed to be written in English?

      Al-Quds or al-Quds?

      Thanks! ^^
    17. mrrandomplayer
      You should vote Progressive! We need to win the Realpolitik elections!
    18. Sanguivorant
      Thank-you Count1.
    19. Count1
      Hi, my email is paulbrend@btinternet.com
    20. Sanguivorant
      Your America vs. my Caliphate bro. I'll put in my vote right now.
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