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  • Err, well you should be a proud islamophobe. Who is -for- Islam? I'm not.
    I don't know whether it is groupthink or not, i've never interacted with a leftist who isn't stridently pro-Palestinian. It appears to be a crucial plank of their position. You have just been dogpiled on this forum; it is typical. I've been in threads where i've had 6 responses to one post. The majority are sneaky personal attacks, a few misinterpret my position and one at best actually engages the argument. You have too ignore it.
    Aye, well you have been battling in a Israel/Palestine thread all day. I find that topic is a huge fault line in left-right battles, consensus is never reached it is a bitter, bloody battle. Personally, i do not venture into that type of discussion, especially on this far-left infested forum.
    That said, I did need to image search your avatar to identify the subject. My best guess otherwise would have been a 11th or 12th Century Western European ruler, possibly King Stephen.
    Depending on your definition on 'mediaeval'. we could start with Emperor Otto and Alfred the Great and then move on the Norman kings, Louis IX of France, the Salians and so on. But then I'm interested in history and have played CK II one or ten times. :)

    I've passed this request along to the other OT mods. I'm not in a position to do anything about this for a day or so, and I let the other mods know that.

    Sorry I can't be more responsive at this time, but hopefully your issue will be resolved shortly.

    Boy, you lucked out! Reliable Form came along and voiced the exact same argument you had just finishing thinking I made! :lol:
    Man I was right out I had you down as totally Anglo. Well if any political threads pop I'll keep my eye out.
    I don't do much posting either except occasionally lament the degradation of Europe.
    Where are you from anyway? I thought England but for obvious reasons I now think canada, I may be able to spot you.
    You don't get to 5000 feels without tfw no gf.
    Are you actually a regular on Krautchan?
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