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  • That was like cheese in a moustetrap for a Canadian, wasn't it. :p
    I'm only a moderate fan... I'm mostly impressed you've heard of them at all. Do you like The Church? There're my favourite Aussie band.
    I only like that one song by THip.
    The Church were big here with Unguarded Moment, but then they faded. Just saw they've done a lot!

    I tend to like tracks with some exceptions, eg The Smiths, Ian Dury, John Cooper Clarke...

    Dunno what recent Australian bands to recommend. (We've got our own equivalents of Nickelback and Rush too!)

    King Gizzard are Ok. I'll put some others on the music thread.
    I'm interested in your version of Nickelback, if only to hear the Australian take on terrible music. :p
    I'd say that Painkiller is their best album, though the late 1970s were their best period overall IMO.
    okay it's cuz i was listening to unknown pleasures and noticed there was a song called shadowplay. just makin' sure. :)
    Hey I wanted to thank you for the suggestion to hang canvases on the wall to get around the 'no painting' rule in my new apartment. We bought some small paint vials and small canvases to test it out. :D
    O dear... :(

    Well... if my party wins enough votes to form a coalistion then I will suggest you as a possible coalistion partner... even if I win a majority I like to have a coalistion to make a absolute majority to make my laws stronger.

    BTW will you support plans to change the electural system and the ecomonic system?
    Then perhapes we can make a deal:

    How about your organisation becomes part of my organisation? Of course we will have to remove the hipster bit but you may enjoy us.

    You know its hipster to make your political party a part of another party yes?
    Good day.

    If you fancy I have made a party for the CFC presidental election. Here it is if your intrested.
    Well, most Orthodox in the West celebrate on the Revised Julian Calendar, so there's no issue. I think it varies for those in jurisdictions on the Old Calendar. This sums up the various tensions nicely.
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