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Jun 25, 2018
Jul 31, 2011
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Jun 25, 2018
    1. Terrance888
      I was thinking about postponing this until winter break or even Christmas.
    2. Terrance888
      The more you invest, whether in real life time or in game EP, the more succssful and fewer casualties. There is also a minimum effort before I just let you waltz in and change things which are of dubious probability, but you can probably meet that easily.

      A small team would work if the stories are good. Maybe show character development and more into the Faithful/Vahshallah mentality. Remember when you once said how only 5% agreed with the First Iron Prophet? You NEVER wrote about what the once 95% felt like. Too late now, I guess, but just consider broadening your POVs.
    3. Terrance888
      Well, the assassin-faithful cults would be much weaker due to such a big loss. Basically, more recruits and prestige but fewer masters and handed down teachings/techniques. I don't want the Forsworn to have 5-9 unique units, but there will be a deficit of them for at least 2 turns, depending on the sustainability of the impact.

      Remember, each Iron Lancer is worth a lot, each Lance Point even more, and each General even more, and the Iron Prophet is the Best General and Spiritual Leader, with as high authority as the Arch Faelinkrisr dwelling in Nessos.
    4. Terrance888
      Either. This WILL set back Forsworn development if you just use stories, however. ;). However, my jig is that if you make it interesting and plausible, I will let this assassination offensive be successful. Danyaria is currently a minor Forsworn forward base against the Iron Lancers (against their will, obviously...)
    5. Terrance888
      Heinrach as a General IS in line for succession. But he needs to pass various rites and then fight any competitors who survived and did not concede. Also, Jonnah already has a mission planned for him.

      However, if Jonnah IS killed I will RP the succession accordingly. He is weakened at this moment, to be sure.
    6. Arrow Gamer
      Arrow Gamer
      Sorry not writing the story, I just had a lot of other things to write between other NES's and homework, and this was the least of my worries.

      I'll try and write it tomorrow, but don't get your hopes up.
    7. Terrance888
      You could. But those are newly born organizations while Hamburg has some veteran archers. Also, this would increase tensions.

      I would remind you that technically you didn't sign the treaty. Technically. I would also remind you that if you did your actions against the Iron Prophet... MIGHT be considred as breaking the treaty. Then again, this isn't the modern times. You break a treaty- so what? Who's to enforce it?

      Anyway, signing it now makes the "disband the Iron Lancers" a past action not considered under the specific treaty, although some might still harbor resentment at the violation of the spirit of the treaty.
    8. Terrance888
      The best thing to say is that they want to have a "straight" relationship with you, and they will set terms for future uses of their ports and fleets.
    9. Terrance888
      No. It is not likely. And the probability is very very very very low.

      I will set up loyalties for current vassals. I would note that generally, I would only allow direct annexation of very friendly vassal states or close religious/cultural neighbors. Neither of which is true.
    10. Terrance888
      1) Used to be your vassal, now it is trying to become more independent, having already officially ending the vassalage, but also trying to not piss you off.
      2) They actually have very decent connections with Kentus, and somewhat of a relationship with Buertgang against the Dragon Horde. Other than that, they are rather isolated.
      3) I would say no. They do stand up for what they believe in, but so far they are not risking their lives to do so as much.
    11. Arrow Gamer
      Arrow Gamer
      Sure, but it will be tomorrow. Any topic?
    12. Nylan
      I'd love to, so long as I have the time. :)
    13. Terrance888
      I was slighty sarcastic, but they do bring up good links to various countries domestic policies.

      Personally, I'd suggest a look at the TVA, Argentina, and Japan.
    14. Terrance888
    15. Grandkhan
      Sure, but the Maryland is significantly better, you can build the Maryland and I'm not sure why you'd want it.
    16. Terrance888
      you can still turn it around. Just saying. Opportunities hide behind every boulder.
    17. Terrance888
      Approved- Ambiguity of what happened before or after just makes it better. I'll check with gem to see whether you should post yet. :)
    18. Terrance888
      Sure. Focus on the part with the camp. You guys got searched and the more obviously sickened members/those who are stupid enough to still cary teufela are killed, the rest taken to camp. The archer defenders were taken out by Unsullied and they are in camp. Red Guard sneaks out, and some Faithful distracted the Armoricans while they set the fire. Fire goes, Faithful fights Armoricans and unfaithful, armoricans arrive on the outside and help establish a path. While they are relaxing in the snow you attack and push them back into the fire, roasting many until all red guards died. :)
    19. Terrance888
      Sorry about you losing your power. I understand how much that sucks.
    20. Terrance888
      Buertgang has a tiny bonus for training "Trained Troops" due to veteran survivors. I shall inform LoE. If he sends some to you both will get this, smaller bonus. If you send some back they won't be fighting but you will get a bonus. This is very very small; 1 month here or there. 1 extra unit here or there.
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