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  • Happy hangover, happy late birthday, happy accurate non-birthday, sir and sorry about the slight disinformation - I was thinking of someone else's round numbers; the gap is actually 5, not 7 but you should still try some roller skating.
    I can't believe I didn't make a point to try to meet up when I was in your country. I've been loving your posts these days.
    I was reading your posts on the Fermi Paradox thread, and I must say I like the way you think, sir.
    How did you spot that "Core Imposter" was an anagram of "Mister Cooper"? Clearly, it's not a "real" name, but still.
    So I just thought "Let's listen to The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars and, guess what, the newest post on a subscribed thread on CFC was by you.
    What is it like living in Europe? Would it be safe for someone who is not white to live and work there?
    Good day! :D

    Ever fancied a IOT?

    I am doing a fantasy classic IOT called Intrigue of Magic.

    Consider well! :D
    Well, of course they can't be answered. The first one makes no sense at all and the second is a leading question.
    Both :)

    Big project lead by a manager who has no idea how to run IT Development and changes his mind, and thus the specs for the project every week or so.

    Looking forward to 3 weeks doing absolutely nothing :D
    Oh I've done that myself before, no harm no foul.

    I'm quite alright. I survived summer class and now I have a few weeks R&R. :cool:
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