2021 EXPANSION 6.8

Civ3 Expansion pack

  1. 2021 EXPANSION version 6.8

    Erlend Philip Wood
    • Several minor improvements to the Civilopedia
    • Traits assigned to some Great Wonders
    • The Manhattan Project auto-buils ICBMs
  2. 2021 EXPANSION version 6.7

    Erlend Philip Wood
    • C3X mod integrated with the expansion, providing many new features and bug fixes. Enabling the C3X mod is optional
    • The Manhattan Project auto-builds nukes
    • New graphics: Dark ridge between Sea and Ocean makes navigation easier
  3. 2021 EXPANSION version 6.6

    Erlend Philip Wood
    • Changes to the movement system for land units, because it caused a glitch in AI behavior and a bug with the General unit
  4. 2021 EXPANSON version 6.5

    Erlend Philip Wood
    • 12 Unique Units were given more interesting and varied stats
    • Fixed some issues with Wonders: A few had their cost adjusted, 3 expire on a different tech, and 2 had their effect adjusted
    • Manual and Civilopedia updated
  5. 2021 EXPANSION version 6.4

    Erlend Philip Wood
    • Minimal changes to stats of TOW Infantry, Motorized Infantry, Mechanized Infantry and Modern Paratrooper
    • New installation folder with clearer instructions
  6. 2021 EXPANSION version 6.3

    Erlend Philip Wood
    • Fixed a small error affecting Workers (taking a little too long to finish projects on Mountains)