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  1. K

    [GS] Dear developers, please add these as a Civ6 game expansion feature!

    I’m a huge strategy game fan and I’d love civilization to be even better than it already is. I’m not sure if the developers are still looking to develop a new game or look to make any more expansions however, I’d be happy to buy another civilization game or expansion. I tried to keep things...
  2. D

    Civilization III Conquests Plus 2.04

    Civilization III Conquests Plus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Civilization III Conquest with most of the Conquests Scenarios units, buildings, techs, resources and wonders. Extra PTW WW2 units are also included. There are [58 new...
  3. King Phaedron

    Giants and Aliens

    While dreaming, I thought of a new game mode... Both Giants and Aliens are only active until the world enters the Renaissance era. Giants: Appears randomly as a barbarian unit with 3 movement and 20 combat strength + 10 per era. (So 30 in the ancient, 40 in the classical, 50 in the medieval)...
  4. King Phaedron

    Civ 6 World Builder Custom Map Art - Secret of Evermore and Soulblazer!

    I like making World Map art based on Retro Games, Anime, etc. You can play the actual game on the main post here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/secret-of-evermore-world-map-scenario-for-you.687444/ I just wanted to share the Civ Map as "Art" which is something I do. I make World...
  5. King Phaedron

    2 World Wars and Competitive Score Victory

    World War 1 and 2, as Events that begin in the World Congress, likely in the Modern and Atomic Age: The conflicts will exist between the player with the highest game score, and the second highest game score, regardless of whether they are allies. The events happen automatically, putting the...
  6. King Phaedron

    The Best Map I've ever made - a dramatic Soulblazer!

    This took me weeks to make and polish. In the past I've had a tendency to add too many bonus resources and wonders, well I've corrected that. This is a very balanced map for everyone, and in many cases, the area is suitable for specific players. A Map based on Soulblazer, one of my favorite...
  7. Zegangani

    4Xpansion Pass [4XP] Mod Series Announcement + Open Door for Ideas and Suggestions

    Hello CivFans! I’m Zegangani, a fellow CivFanatic and Civilization VI Modder. I'm a huge Fan of the Civilization Franchise, and while I haven't played Civ IV and prior iterations (and Spin-Offs), I'm still familiar with many of their Mechanics, which I really like (especially Civ IV's), and...
  8. Erlend Philip Wood

    2021 EXPANSION 9.0

    2021 EXPANSION Expansion pack for Civilization 3 Conquests ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 years in the making, countless tweaks to improve game balance and expand on game options, yet keeping the essence of the original gameplay...
  9. M

    [BTS] Improving My First Attempt at a Quechua Rush

    Hey there, Long time lurker here. I played Civ4 a bunch ages ago and used this forum extensively to improve at the game. But I'm now getting back into the game (no other strategy game comes close, imo). I used to be a pretty competent player (Emperor was generally winnable, but Deity kicked...
  10. megabearsfan

    PolyCast episode 359: 2020 DLC Speculation & Brainstorming

    The three hundred-and-fifty-ninth episode of PolyCast, “2020 DLC Speculation & Brainstorming“ is now available for streaming on polycast.civfanatics.com. This episode features regular co-hosts Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade, along with guest co-host...
  11. King Phaedron

    Civilization 7 - An Inevitable Evolution to Regional Maps

    *This thread is a work in progress, and I will probably give it a few updates. I've had some ideas, and the more I think about, it seems like an inevitable direction for the Civilization series to use "region maps" instead of one huge map that lags all the time. I believe it would also fix a...
  12. adan_eslavo

    [POLL] More Wonders for VP

    MORE WONDERS FOR VP (minor stuff, fixes, balances and gathering material for next bigger update) This mod is continuation of similar work from @Infixo. Main goals of the mod are: keep previous mod up to date with VP; increase number of available wonders and at the same time keep number of...
  13. NerdByFate

    Civilization VI Mod Expansion Converter v1.0.0

    This utility converts outdated mods to be compatible with the latest Civilization VI expansion(s) by modifying their config.xml files. Disclaimer -------------------------------------------------------- This will not work for every mod in existence. This application will only successfully...
  14. B

    [GS] IDEA: Autonomy and Realism Mod Package

    This is a long post, and as my first post to these forums, perhaps I'm biting off more than I can chew. Regardless, I hope that my ideas are worth sharing and it sparks interest in a few of you! Introduction There are many things I enjoy immensely about Civilization VI, but there’s also a few...
  15. C

    Why I believe there will be a 3rd expansion.

    1. Huge demand for more civs 2. Huge demand for a economic victory type 3. Albania (Led by Skanderbeg, who arguably saved Europe from major ottoman expansion or at least delayed.) is not in the game. (Personal Opinion) 4. Civ 5 had 6 years before civ 6. Why should civ 6 only get 3 or 4 years...
  16. F

    AI not expanding

    Hi guys I´m trying to play this awesome mod again, but it seems to be that the AI doesn´t like to expand his territories :( even tho i´m playing at monarch dificult. To test this problem i let the AI auto play 100 turns in blitz - monarch, but it barely seems to reach two cities Is there any...
  17. G

    What would you like to see in a 3rd expansion?

    I think a 3rd expansion is likely, but nothing has been officially confirmed. With that being said, what would you like to see in a hypothetical future expansion? I would like medical districts (apothecaries, hospitals, etc) -- as well as a plague/sickness mechanic added to the game. I think...
  18. A

    next expansion focusing on the ocean. underwater cities, terrain ,farming, mining and units?

    can we get the next expansion focusing on the ocean next. underwater cities, farming, mining and units? with the ocean rising. i think it's going to be a really good fit and logical with the rising oceans. i have bin waiting to see this for years in a civ game. make my dream come true.
  19. Wit

    Tile selection on border expansion question

    This question has been raised about a year ago without a satisfactory answer. Perhaps second time is the charm. The question is: when borders expand, how is the specific tile that is added to the city chosen? I have encountered repeated instances when the city screen suggested that borders...
  20. Bobb978

    Ocean Ownership

    Is their anyway to make oceans unclaimable, like they are in real live. Or is there a mod that already does this?
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