Beyond Great People

Beyond Great People 2016-10-05

This mod adds Great People to Civilization: Beyond Earth. In keeping with the theme of the game, the Great People added are based on the Affinities instead of the specialists as in the main Civilization series. The great people and their abilities are as follows:

Great Harmonist
Earned through Harmony Affinity points
Can be expended to perform one of the following actions:
- Increase Harmony Affinity
- Gain a one-time Culture boost (like the Great Artist in Civ V)
- Build the Harmonious Preserve tile improvement, which provides culture and health and occasionally spawns domesticated aliens

Great Purist
Earned through Purity Affinity points
Can be expended to perform one of the following actions:
- Increase Purity Affinity
- Hurry the completion of a building or wonder (like the Great Engineer in Civ V)
- Build the New Earth Homestead tile improvement, which provides a large amount of food as well as some production and health

Great Supremacist
Earned through Supremacy Affinity points
Can be expended to perform one of the following actions:
- Increase Supremacy Affinity
- Gain a one-time Science boost (like the Great Scientist in Civ V)
- Build the Techno-Fort tile improvement, which provides energy and science and also doubles as a fort which provides a defensive bonus for the unit on the same tile, bombards adjacent hostile units, and can be used to claim tiles (like the Citadel in Civ V)

Affinity points accumulate each turn based on your affinity level. For example, if you have reached Harmony level five, then each turn you will earn 5 Harmony Affinity points. Once you have accumulated a certain number of the points in the appropriate affinity, a Great Person from that affinity will spawn at your capital.

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Installation: Download file to your computer, then extract to your mods folder (default path is Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth/MODS).

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