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Extra Victory Conditions 2016-10-05

Extra Victory Conditions

  1. Barbarian King
    Adds two victory conditions to the game: Religious and Economic Victory

    Religious Victory
    • Spread your Religion: Have 70% of the cities on the map following your faith
    • Increase your Followers: Convince a certain amount of global population to adopt your religion (population target varies by map size)
    • Proselytize the Heathens: Spread your religion to competing Holy Cities, and have all of them following your faith simultaneously

    Economic Victory
    • Amass Wealth: Accumulate over 20,000 Gold (scales with difficulty)
    • Increase your Income: Maintain 400 GPT for at least 10 consecutive turns leading up to the end of the game (scales with difficulty)
    • Corner the Market: Obtain at least one of every luxury resource present on the map

    Installation: Download and extract to your mods folder (default path: Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS)
    Steam Download

    Languages Supported: English only at this time

    Compatibility: For BNW only. This mod should work with any mod that does not modify the victory progress or end-game screens. Selectability of victory conditions may not be compatible with mods that modify the advanced set-up screen.

    Discussion Thread

    Spoiler :

    -Addressed an issue where removing a city's holy city status caused the religious victory to malfunction

    -Fixed a bug that caused serious issues if a city was razed but the owning civ's city list was not properly updated
    -Updated the economic victory to recheck the map for luxuries more often

    - Made new victories selectable in the Advanced Setup screen
    - Made economic victory gold thresholds scale with difficulty level
    - Added end-game victory screen narration
    - Added frames to the luxury icons in the economic victory progress screen

    Design, code, and text by me
    Victory icon art by averysillyman
    Luxury icon frames by Zyxpsilon


    1. evc_title_G4l.jpg
    2. screenshot3_CN2.jpg
    3. screenshot4_fnY.jpg
    4. screenshot5_41m.jpg