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Conquest of India 2017-05-02

Fight for the Subcontinent, 1707-1877

  1. Barbarian King
    You've conquered the New World and scrambled for Africa, now enter the arena in the last great theater of colonial contest: India. The Mughal Empire is crumbling, and many nations stand ready to carve out a piece of it for themselves. Choose to lead an Indian or European power, then fight and negotiate your way to total dominance of the subcontinent.

    Custom map with 9 playable civs and 29 city states
    Several new units and buildings
    A reworked tech tree and all new policies
    New rebellion feature and rebalanced happiness

    Brave New World: Required
    Sejong's Korea: You do not need this DLC, but this mod does use a unit model (Hwacha) from the Korea DLC, so if you don't have the DLC you will need to make a modification to this mod before you start. Go to the mod folder for this mod and navigate to XML>Units. In there is a folder called "NoKorea"; copy the file from that folder into the main Units folder to replace the file "Units.xml". This will replace the Hwacha model with the cannon (otherwise it will show up as a spearman for those without Korea, since that's the fallback).
    EUI: If you have EUI, you will need to make a minor adjustment to this mod to get it to work properly. Go to the mod folder for this mod and navigate to the UI folder within. There you will see another folder called "City Banner Managers". In there, get the file from the "EUI" folder and copy it to the UI folder to replace the file "CityBannerManager.lua". This will allow the civ flags to show up properly on the city bar.

    English only

    Discussion Thread


    This mod makes use of artwork and models by the following modders: Horem, sukritact, Janboruta, zwei833, bernie14, Wolfdog, Civitar, embryodead, Nutty, TPangolin, and RawSasquatch


    1. Intro2.jpg
    2. Civ5Screen0006.jpg
    3. Civ5Screen0004.jpg
    4. Civ5Screen0009.jpg
    5. Civ5Screen0014.jpg
    6. Civ5Screen0012.jpg
    7. Civ5Screen0013.jpg