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Constantine the Great 2016-10-05

Constantine the Great

  1. Barbarian King
    Adds Constantine the Great as a leader of Rome.

    UA: Defender of the Faith
    Palace provides increased defense in the capital. Forts provide +2 Faith, Citadels +4. Missionaries provide a combat boost to nearby units.

    UU1: Legion - Same as vanilla
    UU2: Palatini Cavalry - Replaces the horseman; stronger and has a bonus to flanking

    Installation: Extract download to your MODS folder (default path: Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS)

    Technical Note: This mod was made for BNW. It has not been tested for any other version of civ.

    Languages Supported: English only

    Alternate version with custom music (from EU:Rome). Hosted externally because the file is too large to be hosted here.

    Leader screen and icon by Viregel
    Palatini Cavalry unit model is the Roman Knight by danrell
    Code, Palatini Cavalry icon, and miscellaneous text by Barbarian King
    Civilopedia histories by roblrich


    1. constantine_screen_V66.jpg