Earth 2018

Earth 2018 1.3

A scenario of earth at the present time. Take command of a modern nation and lead it to glory, or destruction. Will you awe the globe with your culture, indulge your bloodlust and conquer an empire, or leave it all behind as you colonize other worlds? Or will you sit idly by as others leave you in the dust? Find out how you stack up against the major players of today.

Mod Features
Modern scenario in two sizes (Standard and Huge maps)
25 custom leaders and appropriate civilizations
New techs, civics, and policies
New buildings, resources, and units
Various tweaks to existing items

Civilization List
America, China, Russia, India, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Argentina, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Italy, South Korea, North Korea*, Israel*

*these two are only present on the huge map

Free Play
A "Free Play" mode has been added for players who want to customize the active victory conditions and game speed. To access, navigate to Single Player>Create Game>Advanced Setup, and then change the active ruleset to either "Earth 2018 (Huge - Free Play)" or "Earth 2018 (Standard - Free Play)" depending on which map size you'd prefer. You can entirely disable victory conditions if you'd prefer to play at your own pace.

No DLC are required
This mod does not work in a normal game; only play the scenarios when this mod is active
This mod should be compatible with other mods that only make UI or AI changes. It probably won't work with most other types of mods.

To play this mod in multiplayer, you will also need the mod More Civs Allowed in Multiplayer
This mod has been successfully tested in Hot Seat mode. It has not been tested in online mode, so I can make no guarantees if/how well it will work.

This mod is English only at this time.

Ruin/Shipwreck Crash: If your game crashes when you excavate a ruin/shipwreck, please let me know where and on what map. I originally had the game place these resources on the map, but later learned that preplaced ruins crash the game when excavated, so I attempted to remove them. I may have missed one or two, so if you run into this issue please let me know and I will resolve it.
Loading/Turn Times: This game takes a while to load, since there is so much on the maps. The turn times are not bad, however, so if you are experiencing long turn times try reducing your settings or playing on the smaller of the two maps.
Balance: This game is not balanced. My intent was to make the strengths of the civs reflect the strengths of their real world counterparts. Therefor, the easiest civs to play as and get a win will be America, Russia, and China. It becomes progressively more difficult to play as a smaller or less well developed nation.
Game Length: The scenario takes approximately 100 turns to win a peaceful victory, and it has a turn limit of 240. I am open to rebalancing the length of the game based on feedback I receive from players.

Huge map based on the earth map by Makc
Unit models by wolfdog, Deliverator, and snafusmith

Extract to your mods folder (Default path: Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods)

Spoiler Screenshots :










Spoiler Screenshots :

Update 1 (3/3/18)
-Added a script to give nuclear powers a boost to producing initial nukes
-Added a "Free Play" mode, where player can customize victories and game speed
-Made cities weaker
-Extended trade route distance
-Added additional diplomacy statements to leaders
-Adjusted random agendas for leaders
-Added the city-state Taiwan (science) to replace the city-state Chad (militaristic) on the Huge map
-Changed the city-state of Venezuela from Maritime to Militaristic
-Made a few changes to both maps
-Various text changes

Update 2 (2/17/19)
-Revised the way the mod loads files so that mod changes only take effect when playing one of the scenarios
-Added buff buildings to certain cities to improve the starting situation of certain civs, especially for small civs that in real life have greater relative science (research) and gold output (GDP) than their in-game counterparts; these buff buildings are lost if their respective city is conquered
-Rebalanced science, putting a greater emphasis on science buildings and less of an emphasis on population for producing science
-Added additional diplomacy statements to leaders
-Solved compatibility issue with latest patch

Update 3 (2/15/20)
-Many unique units added, some with unique models (see credits)
-Revised the way nukes are handled, so nuclear powers now start with nuclear weapons pre-built
-Updated religions: split Islam into Sunni and Shia, added Confucianism, added a pantheon belief, reassigned some beliefs, and reassigned some city religions
-Updated starting diplomatic relations, adding more alliances and friendships
-Added months to the calendar
-Added several cities to city-states on the huge map
-Changed load order to resolve a text issue relating to Canada for those who have GS
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Latest updates

  1. Update 3 (2/15/20)

    -Many unique units added, some with unique models (see credits) -Revised the way nukes are...
  2. Update 1

    Update 1 (3/3/18) -Added a script to give nuclear powers a boost to producing initial nukes...

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Terrific mod! Feels like playing contemporary power politics.
The world map is almost identical, but since the mod came out not long ago, there are a lot of bugs (I could not even finish the stroke XD).
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