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[BtS] Canada Mod - Deluxe 2.0 2016-10-05

[BtS] Canada Mod - Deluxe 2.0

  1. Wyz_sub10
    This is the BtS version of Wyz_sub10's Canada Mod - Deluxe.

    Changes from 1.0:

    - added new King leaderhead by C.Roland
    - added new Trudeau leaderhead by bernie14
    - added new Canada Corps model from GeneralMatt
    - added Inuksuk wonder from woodelf and winddelay

    It includes 5 leaders, all animated: MacDonald, King, Pearson, Trudeau, Jean

    Unique Unit is the Canada Corps, replacing Infantry

    Unique Building is the Microwave Station, replacing the Broadcast Tower

    Additional wonders include: CN Tower, Hockey Night in Canada, and the Athabasca Oil Sands.


    NOTE: Zerver and strategyonly have prepared an excellent unit add-on for Canada that provides a civ-specific artstyle. You can get the unit pack here.

    Changes in BtS version

    - completely modular
    - added flavour units
    - Voyageur replaces Scout
    - Mountie replaces Cavalry
    - Avro Arrow replaces Jet Fighter
    - JTF2 replaces Marines
    - all Canadian units have unique names
    - new Splash screen at intro

    NOTE: Civ Gold 3.0 BtS users who wish to have an "expanded" Canada can simply drop the 'Canada' file **within the Modules directory** into the Gold mod, replaces the existing Canada folder.

    **Important - do not drop the WHOLE folder, only the 'Canada' folder within the 'Modules' directory


    Sevo (MacDonald and Trudeau leaderheads)
    Slaxton (Canada Corps re-skin)
    Bad_Ronald (flag)
    General Matt (Avro Arrow)

    For Vanilla version:


    For Warlords version:


Recent Updates

  1. Corrected Downlink Link