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City-States Leaders for VP v10

Unknown mod by @mihaifx and @Nutty adapted to VP, UCS and some civilization mods

  1. adan_eslavo
    Link to the original mod

    Adaptation of the mod to VP, Unique City-States and some civilization mods (Israel, Sumer, the Timurids and the Papal States).

    Special credits go to @mihaifx and @Nutty - the base mod creators. Thanks go also to many art creators, especially @Mosile and @janboruta, whose arts were essential to fill all the gaps. Other creators are mentioned inside the mod files. Thank you all.

    See changelog for more info.

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Recent Reviews

  1. derpherpson
    Version: v10
    baller as hell
  2. JohannesWasHere
    Version: v8
    So Immersive
  3. glider1
    Version: v8
    Cool flavour addon with little or no memory footprint and should have been in the base game.
  4. ryanmusante
    Version: v7m6
    Amazing artwork and creativity!