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Apr 23, 2017
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This is third iteration of underestimated UI mod made by @mihaifx and then improved by @Nutty. It adds leader icons for every City-State encountered on the map giving the player much more flavor and making memorizing CSs the most valuable for him easier.

This version has many additional improvements or simplifications to the code comparing to its predecessors, and many errors and issues are fixed. UI is slightly improved.

Additionaly it is compatible with VP, with @Enginseer's UCS mod thanks to the help from @Mosile, and few Civilizations mods:
Special thanks for all art creators:
Spoiler Complete list of new art :

Old leaders:
Download City-States Leaders for VP (v22.0.2)
Github Repository (v22.0.2

Some piece of art created by @Mosile:

Some piece of art created by me:

City-State view:

Some new texts from new random text generator:




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@ryanmusante It overrides UCS's file but the tooltip with CS unique ability is still visible after hovering the attitude bar. @Enginseer did it in smart way, so it is compatible. With other mods probably no. What exactly do you have in mind?
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@CppMaster Nothing. It only gives you more coloured info about things. It is purely UI mod.
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Looks very nice. This won't cause a problem for alternate city-states, added by custom civs, will it? They will probably just have the leader portrait for the city-state that was replaced
@pineappledan: Hehe, you are aware of everything, right? I thought of making compatibility files and art after doing base + ucs stuff. At least for Sumer, Israel and Papal States (4UC) for now. Don't worry.
Oh I'm not worried. As long as it doesn't cause a crash or anything, I think people would be understanding about such a minor mod conflict.

For Balkh, you could use this portrait of Demetrius. It would be nice to have a civ portrait of a ruler who wasn't an occupier, but if fits the bill.

Skara Brae is harder, because it is a neolithic site, so we have no names attached to it. Maybe this portrait of Brian Boru from the ireland mod would suffice, but it might be best to just make a new one.
Do you think Makeda from Sheba would be good for Sana'a?
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If a picture of Imam Yahya could be found, that would be much more acceptable. The Sabean mod on the civ workshop is pretty bad for historical accuracy.

Or some painting of Shem, the son of Noah. In some mythic histories he is said to have been the founder of Sana'a
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For Makeda I have art already done. With Yahya there can be some problems.
What do you think about Haakon IV for Skara Brae (Orkney)?
Yeah, I have some problems with that...

Makeda is a mythical name for the queen of Sheba, the queen who visited King Solomon in the Bible. We have pretty good evidence to suggest that the kingdom of Sheba was in present-day Ethiopia. Makeda, then, has nothing to do with Yemen at all. Her portrait even looks like an east-African, not an Arab.

Re: Haakon for Skara Brae, he is very "medieval" looking and wearing a lot of metal armor. Skara Brae was a small village which predated metalworking. I don't think it's a great fit, but I don't think you're likely to find anything that would be a great fit anyways.
  • Beowulf for Skara Brae, right? OR his picture with some other name? He had nothing to do in Orkney...
  • Do you have picture of Yahya? Any? Or at least some person who could look like him?
  • Holy crap. Papal States creates Karyes CS instead of Vatican and this is another CS in Greece :(. I have already Sparta and Phocia from UCS. It will be hard to find something original.
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Yeah, his picture with some other name... could probably just look up really old irish/gaelic names for ideas. Like "Aed" or "Donnchad"

For Sana'a, you could use this picture of Shem (on the right):
Mod is released.
  • If any of the artists whose art I used (without getting an answer that would let me use it) who do not accept that fact, please let me know. I will try to substitute it.
  • Any suggestions about changes (leaders, art) are welcome.
  • If you have better art and want it to be used in this mod please contact me.
  • If you see some UI glitch or missing piece of VP stuff, tell me urgently.
Have fun. I love this mod.
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@Revolutionist_8: Stephen I

I modified existing mod. All old leaders were added by @mihaifx or @Nutty. This is complete list of leaders (vanilla, VP, UCS and additional civilizations):
Almaty: knightmare13 (Janybek Khan)
Antananarivo: Nutty (Ranavalona I)
Antananarivo: TPangolin (Andrianampoinimerina)
Antwerp: janboruta (Robert III)
Belgrade: janboruta (Karadorde Petrovic)
Bogota: Leugi (Simon Bolivar)
Bratislava: J. Kohler/Nutty (Svatopluk I)
Brussels: janboruta (Leopold II)
Bucharest: janboruta (Vlad III)
Budapest: janboruta (Stephen I)
Buenos Aires: Leugi (Eva Peron)
Buenos Aires: Leugi (Don Jose de San Martin)
Byblos: LastSword (Ahiram)
Cahokia: H. Roe/Nutty (Birdman)
Cahokia: H. Roe/TPangolin (Birdman)
Cape Town: janboruta (Jan van Riebeeck)
Colombo: knightmare13 (D.S Senanayake)
[old]Dublin: B. Mulrenin/Nutty (Daniel O'Connell)
[old]Edinburgh: LastSword (James VI)
Florence: sukritact (Lorenzo de'Medici)
Geneva: janboruta (John Calvin)
Genoa: janboruta (Andrea Doria)
Hanoi: davey_henninger (Ly Thai To)
Hanoi: knightmare13 (Ho Chi Minh)
[old]Helsinki: Hypereon (Gustaf Mannerheim)
Hong Kong: TPangolin (Kai Ho)
Ife: janboruta (Akinmoyero)
Jerusalem: Leugi (Solomon)
Kabul: LastSword (Ahmad Shah Durrani)
Kabul: TPangolin (Ahmad Shah Durrani)
Kathmandu: Leugi (Tribhuvan)
Kiev: janboruta (Yaroslav)
Kuala Lumpur: TPangolin (Yap Ah Loy)
Kyzyl: Nutty (Khertek Anchimaa-Toka)
La Venta: LastSword (Po Ngbe)
La Venta: Leugi (Po Ngbe)
Lhasa: sukritact (Thubten Gyatso)
[old]Lisbon: janboruta (Joao II)
Malacca: Nutty (Abdul Halim)
Manila: knightmare13 (Jose Rizal)
Mbanza Kongo: Leugi (Njinga Mbande)
Melbourne: TPangolin (John Batman)
Milan: janboruta (Gian Galeazzo Visconti)
Mogadishu: TPangolin (Aden Adde)
Mombasa: knightmare13 (Jomo Kenyatta)
Monaco: knightmare13 (Rainier III)
Ormus: knightmare13 (Qaboos bin Said)
Panama City: Leugi (Victoriano Lorenzo)
Prague: janboruta (Wenceslaus II)
Quebec City: davey_henninger (John A. MacDonald)
Ragusa: Nutty (Auguste de Marmont)
Riga: TPangolin (Janis Cakste)
Samarkand: M. Gerasimov/LastSword (Timur)
Samarkand: Tomatekh (Timur)
Sidon: Leugi (Eshmunazar II)
Singapore: TPangolin (Lee Kuan Yew)
Sofia: D. Giudjenov/Nutty (Simeon I)
Sofia: D. Giudjenov/TPangolin (Simeon I)
Stockholm: Firaxis (Gustavus Adolphus)
Sydney: TPangolin (Arthur Phillip)
Sydney: TPangolin (Henry Parkes)
Tyre: LastSword (Hiram I)
Ur: janboruta (Eannatum)
Valletta: TPangolin (Giovanni Paolo Lascaris)
Vancouver: TPangolin (Mackenzie King)
Vatican City: janboruta (Pius IX)
Vilnius: LastSword (Gediminas)
Wellington: JFD (Richard Seddon)
Wellington: TPangolin (Henry Sewell)
Wittenberg: janboruta (Frederick III)
Yerevan: Leugi (Tigranes II)
Zanzibar: sukritact (Majid bin Said)
Zurich: JFD (Guillaume-Henri Dufour)
Zurich: Krateng (Matthaus Schiner)
Zurich: G. Closs/TPangolin (Rudolf Brun)

from adan_eslavo and Mosile (UCS compatibility part 1):
Armagh: Mosile (Saint Patrick)
Auckland: from Wellington - TPangolin (Henry Sewell)
Clermont: Mosile (pope Urban II)
Granada: Mosile (Muhammad I ibn Yusuf)
Honduras: Mosile (Manuel Bonilla Chirinos)
Leluh: Gedemo (Olosohpa)
Muscat: janboruta (Saif bin Sultan)

from adan_eslavo and Mosile (UCS compatibility part 2):
Chevak: Gedemo (Apanuugpak)
Douala: Mosile (Ahmadou Ahidjo)
Gwynedd: janboruta (Owain Glyndwr)
Laconia: janboruta (Leonidas)
Managua: Mosile (Anastasio Somoza Garcia)
Muisca: Leugi (Nemequene)
Odenso: Hypereon (Urho Kaleva Kekkonen)
Phanoteus: Mosile (Onomarchus)
Santo Domingo: Mosile (Juan Pablo Duarte)
Yangcheng: janboruta (Yu)

from adan_eslavo and pineappledan (civilizations):
Israel: Jerusalem ==> Balkh: tarcisiocm (Demetrius I)
Sumer: Ur ==> Skara Brae: Firebug (Oengus mac Fergusa)
the Timurids: Samarkand ==> Sanaa: adan_eslavo (Yahya)
the Papal States: Vatican ==> Karyes: janboruta (Constantine I)
Some of them are unused ones I left for maybe later use.
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