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Earth 1942 AD: World War II 2016-10-05

Earth 1942 AD: World War II

The world is in war, The Germans control most of Europe and the Japanese control most of Asia. The North African campaign is in Egypt and Lybia and the Battle of Stalingrad is about to start. The Soviets, that a lot of their land were conquered by Nazi Germany start to attack, instead of defend. The British are isolated in their island, they are the only european nation that is still fighting against the Nazis.

This scenario is not a mod

This scenario should only be played in Marathon speed!!!

Playable Civs:
United Kingdom
Nazi Germany
United States of America
Empire of Japan
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Fascist Italy
Vichy France
Republic of China
Axis Independent States
Lowland Colonies
Arabian League
Free French Forces
Nationalist Iberia
Union of South Africa
Republic of Turkey
Federative Republic of Brazil
Argentine Republic

For BTS only!


Rhye for the map

This scenario is an active development so check the thread for updates.
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