Earth 2010

Earth 2010 2016-10-05

For BtS 3.19

Description: A mod/scenario of the earth in the present day. Uses a slightly modified version of the Earth18Civs map. Thirty-five civs are present on the map, including all G-20 member states and all nuclear powers. The mod consists of a few new units, techs, buildings, and improvements; nukes that are more powerful and can only be built by civs that have built a weapons program; a UN mission (borrowed from ROM:AND) national wonder that allows smaller civs the opportunity for diplomatic victory; and some other minor adjustments.

Installation: Extract to C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\

Spoiler :

Update 6 (12/15/2012)
-Added fixed borders
-Improved minor nations' militaries so they don't delete them at the start
-Implemented variable unit costs
-Added a new unique building
-Added a new unit (computer virus) and building (firewall)
-Implemented some graphical changes (better buttons/buildings, new menu, etc)
-Updated the map

Update 5 (8/08/2011)
-Added a new civ (Taiwan)
-Implemented some graphical changes (new LH, 2 new UUs, better gamefont)
-Added new unit (Special Forces) and reworked the terrorist unit slightly

Update 4 (2/06/2011) [Fixed 3/06/2011]
-Added three new wonders: Sydney Opera House, Bollywood, & the BBC
-Replaced existing corporations with 18 real-life corporations
-Added unique air units and rebalanced some existing units
-Added more aluminum resources to the map

Update 3 (1/23/2011)
-Added more unit diversity and tweaked some existing units
-Added promotions to some existing units on the map to simulate combat experience for some of the troops of nations that have recently been involved in conflicts

Update 2 (12/04/2010)
-Added scrolling scoreboard feature
-Added a new civics category
-Adjusted some of the units' attributes and added a new unit
-Added more troops to the Korean peninsula
-Created defensive pacts between US, Canada, and Europe to represent NATO
-Redid button art for units

Update 1 (11/20/2010)
-Removed ability for cities to enter "we wish to join the motherland" riots
-Added a new wonder (CN Tower)
-Adjusted some of the extra unit costs and tweaked some of the units
-Added more oil resources on the map
-Changed The Internet world project into a national project and adjusted its stats
-Added more nations' units to the coalition stack in Afghanistan

Discussion Thread

Credits: The mod for this scenario utilizes the work of various modders in this community, including Mikel Olsen, Ekmek, GarretSidzaka, NikNaks, bernie14, Techathon, cfkane, nitram15, The Capo, Methyl Orange, saibotlieh, asioasioasio, Chamadrys, woodelf, simpa, snafusmith, mechaerik, Bakuel, Xenomorph, KrugerPritz, Zerver, Lord Tirian, Esnaz, strategyonly, coffee junkie, Acronym 2, johny smith, j_mie6, the coyote, nudden, Den9510, dexy, talchas, kissa, hrochland, kodzi, and possibly others. Thanks also to jbryant for his assistance putting together the unique air units and to Tigranes for updating the map.

Spoiler :

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