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Holy Warriors: Modular FFH2 mod. 2016-10-05

Holy Warriors: Modular FFH2 mod.

  1. Tarquelne
    A modular FFH2 0.32 mod.

    "Holy Warriors" takes the Alignment-oriented units - Paladins, Druids, and Eidolons - and associates each with a particular religion. Only followers of the Order can create Paladins, The Fellowship Druids, and the Ashen Veil Eidolons. The mod adds units for each of the other religions.

    Octopus Overlords: Deep One
    Runes of Kilmorph: Earthmaster (The Dwarven Druid).
    Council of Esus: Illrigger
    Empyrean: Prime Radiant

    These units will abandon your civ if you change religions.

    Questions or comments can be PMed to "Tarquelne" at civfanatics or posted here.

    V4: Removed "Enervated" Promotion from Illrigger to conform with FFH2 patch.
    V3: Fixed the buttons, considerably changed the Prime Radiant, including a new spell. Illrigger special damaged changed to Cold.
    V2 up: Fixed some spelling errors. Added "Enervated" to Illriggers.


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