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Units module: Calabim assassin and shadow 2016-10-05

Units module: Calabim assassin and shadow

  1. Tarquelne
    A modular FF 0.42 mod, "Calabim Assassin and Shadow" adds the Calabim UUs for the assassin and shadow.

    Credits: Idea and graphics from Sureshot's mod for Fire.
    The mod is unlikely to be broken by any patch that doesn't alter a relevant scheme file.

    See the readme for installation details.

    "For Fall Further.zip" contains a civilizationsinfos file for use with the Fall Further mod. Overwrite this module's default file.

    Bloodseeker: Replaces the Assassin. Stat adjustments much like the "Vampire" unit, but the Bloodseeker lacks Death I and gains Stealth.
    Angel of the Eclipse: Replaces the Shadow. Stat adjustments much like the "Vamprie" unit.

    Comments and questions can be PM'd to "Tarqulene" or posted in the discussion thread here.

    V1: Seems to work!
    V2: For FF.


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