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Salt Golem: FFH2 unit module 2016-10-05

Salt Golem: FFH2 unit module

  1. Tarquelne
    A modular FFH2 0.31 mod, "Salt Golem" adds a new Luchuruip new unit.

    Installation: The Fall from Heaven /version #/ .ini file needs to have ModularLoading = 0 changed to ModularLoading = 1.
    Place the "salt golem" directory in your FFH2 folder in Assets/Modules. If you have no other modular-mods you'll have to make the "Modules" folder.
    The mod is unlikely to be broken by any patch that doesn't alter a relevant scheme file and should be widely compatible.

    Salt Golems are 4/6, move 1, cost 100, and require Alteration, a Sculptor's Studio and Enchantment Mana. They can only be built in coastal cities.
    They start with the "Sea Forged" promotion. It allows the Salt Golem to heal faster and while moving. (The healing is a little faster than March's healing and applies in neutral and friendly as well as enemy territory.)

    Credits: C. Roland for the model and basic texture. Inspired by smjjames' "sea golem" thread.

    Comments and questions can be PM'd to "Tarqulene" at civfanatics, or posted in the discussion thread here.
    V1: Seems to work!