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:c5capital: InGame Editor+ :c5capital:

An in-game editor for Civilization V to alter the map and many other things on the fly.
Originally made by @DonQuiche, with additional modification by @N.Core.

You can see all changes I made here: GitHub Repository

Original resource link (v 39.1)
Original thread link

What's new in this updated version?
Core mod:
  • Added checks for these mods:
  • If you use EUI, :c5capital: IGE :c5capital: button now placed inside the Top Panel. Requires EUI (aka Enhanced User Interface).
  • To change the location of :c5capital: IGE :c5capital: button and options panel (right-click menu), you can edit the IGE_Window.lua file. I placed the values right at the top of the codes, so it's easier to edit.

Terrain Panel:
  • Added support for additional Natural Wonders that uses PseudoNaturalWonder column on Features table. So then the added Natural Wonders are listed alongside vanilla Natural Wonders. (Requires Community Patch)
  • Also added support for additional Natural Wonders from More Wonders for VP mod. Including automatically applying the right plot type and terrain type when you place the new Natural Wonders to a plot.
  • Added more information to the tool tip around yield changes. (See update v. 43)
  • Moved Route list to its own list. So it won't be hidden when you have a lot of GPTI.
  • Added warning checks in Editing Mode to Features and Wonders and Improvements stacks when you're selecting a city plot that will hide its contents and replace it with warning text instead. (Route list is still available)
    • It's because you can't place a feature beneath a city, since it will get instantly removed;
    • If you place an improvement on top of a city, then that city will corrupt.
  • Plot ownership and water terrain selection is also hidden when you're selecting a city plot. Again, to prevent city corruption.
NOTE: You can still apply it to a city in Painting Mode. I still haven't figured out how to prevent that to happen, SO BEWARE! If you made that mistake, then DON'T SAVE and reload your previous save, otherwise the city will corrupt.

Building Panel:
  • Buildings now are categorized and separated!
  • Religious buildings are listed into their own group. (Requires Gods & Kings DLC)
  • World Congress wonders are listed into their own group. (Requires Brave New World DLC)
  • Dummy buildings that use either IsDummy = 1 or Cost = -1 and PrereqTech = NULL are listed into their own group. (Requires Community Patch)
  • Corporation buildings are listed into their own group. (Requires Vox Populi)
  • National Wonders and World Wonders are now separated to their respective lists. To prevent confusion between National Wonders and World Wonders.
  • Added Class to help text alongside ID and Type at the bottom of tool tip.
Unit Panel:
  • Civilian units and Great People units are separated into their own groups. To prevent cluttered when you have too many UGPs.
  • Also, added civilian units from Brave New World DLC such as Archaeologist, Caravan, and Cargo Ship and settling units from Vox Populi such as Pioneer and Colonist are now listed inside the Civilian units group.
  • Added support for Diplomacy units to have their own group. (Requires Vox Populi)
  • Added better implementation of Religious units grouping, now supports custom religious units that have ReligiousStrength > 0 (except for Great Prophet since IGE can't support it.)
  • Units now sorted by their domains, then alphabetically. Land units are listed first, then Sea units, and then Air units.
  • Spaceship units now listed inside their own group, and will be hidden if you turned off Science Victory.
  • Added Class and Domain to help texts alongside ID and Type at the bottom of tool tip.
All of these changes are made, tested, and designed for Vox Populi and its mod components. So if you're using other mods and there are conflicts, let me know.

NOTE2: If you play with EUI, I advise you to delete the IGE_AlertStack.lua, IGE_AlertStack.xml, IGE_NotificationPanel.lua, and IGE_NotificationPanel.xml files from the BulkUI folder because I'm afraid it will conflict with EUI.

Rough translation for other localizations files on this mod is made by me with the help of Google Translate.
I'm sorry if there is a wrong translation.
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