Unit Scaling and Formation for VP

Unit Scaling and Formation for VP 12


This mod affects the visual scale and formation of units in gameplay.

Inspired by R.E.D. Modpack by Gedemon, but without ethnic diversity unit model overhaul.
This version is made specifically for Vox Populi.

Currently, there are 3 types of scaling you can choose:
It has support for additional units from other mods:
You can choose which type of scaling you want by editing the USnF-CONFIG.sql file.
You can also activate additional mod feature options that by editing the USnF-VP_CONFIG.sql file.

Each unit domain has its own scaling option, so you can have giant-sized Land units with Single Unit Graphics, moderate-sized Sea units with Reduced Unit Graphics, and small-sized Air units with R.E.D. scaling.

Should be saved game compatible since it's only a visual mod.

Special thanks to:
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A must have. Makes the already amazing feel of the game much more realistic and better.
Excellent for visual consistency and realism, with extra compatibility for all popular mods.
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