USnF for VP Custom Civilizations

USnF for VP Custom Civilizations 7

This mod adds USnF support for additional units from custom civilizations.

Currently, this mod includes USnF support for units from:
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Latest updates

  1. v7 - Some other custom civ support just added

    Added support for some more custom civilizations: JFD-US-DMS-THP-G&H's Ireland - Brian Boru for...
  2. v6 - Total Re-done Update

    This USnF support file is also re-done! Because of the changes I made to the main USnF mod, I...
  3. v5 - Added a boatload of custom civilizations

    Added a couple more custom civilizations: More Civilizations' Macedonian Empire for VP JFD's...
  4. v4 - Added a few more custom civilizations

    Added a few more custom civilizations: Pineappledan's The Goths for VP Pineappledan's Chola for...
  5. v3 - Added even more custom civilizations!

    Added support for these custom civs: Hinin's Hisatsinom (Ancient Puebloans) for Vox Populi...
  6. v2.1 - Adjusted and fixed some stuff

    Adjusted and fixed some stuff: Fixed a bug for Corsica units with RUG and SUG scale. Adjusted...
  7. More custom civilizations added

    Added a few more USnF support for custom civilizations for these mods: Leugi's Israel for VP...
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