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Jarcast's Duchy of Amalfi 3.1

Add the oldest Italian maritime republic of Amalfi under duke Manso I

  1. jarcast2

    Spoiler Vox Populi additions :
    UA: Can purchase Trade Units bypassing building requirements.

    UU: Establishing a fondaco in lands of other civilizations gives a +5 Diplomatic modifier to Amalfi (the Fondaco has the same yields of a Town, so it's a free Town after all)

    More unique components

    UU2: Saettia
    A unique Galleass replacement for Amalfi.
    It is weaker but has double movement along the coast, and can carry up to 3 non-combat land units generating :c5greatperson: Great Merchant points while doing so.
    Can cross oceans once its upgrade is available.

    UB: Paper Mill
    Unique Amalfitan Windmill replacement.
    In addition, +1 :c5production: Production from Scari, Lumbermills, and Logging camps.
    +2 :c5production: Production from Civil Servants in City.
    Provide 1 Paper plus 1 Paper for every 3 Paper Mills in the empire.
    -1 :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from :c5food:/:c5production: Distress.

    Steam workshop link