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Jarcast's Duchy of Urbino (Federico da Montefeltro) 1.1

Adds the Duchy of Urbino under Federico da Montefeltro to the game

  1. jarcast2
    The Duchy of Urbino was a semi-independent papal fief existed in central-eastern Italy between 1234 and 1631. Its most illustrious leader, Federico da Montefeltro, was an ingenious condottiere and a refined patron of arts who went down in history as one of the most important figures of the Italian Renaissance.

    UA: Protecting or allying with City States rewards Artist points and boost Great People generation (max 30%)

    Mod Notes:
    • The civ comes with 20 unique Great Works of Art, all by artists supported by Federico or his son Guidobaldo, and 25 unique Great Works of Literature (of which one is nsfw), all masterpieces related to the Italian Renaissance. Those are available to Urbino only.
    • A culture overview fix was necessary to show the Scriptorium GW slots (I incorporated Kyte's Dynamic Culture Overview mod). If playing Vox Populi with EUI such fix is not necessary anymore and the Culture Overview fix folder in the Lua folder has to be renamed or deleted.

    Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS

    For comments and suggestions you can reply in the dedicated thread.