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[LH] Benazir Bhutto (WIP) 2016-10-05

[LH] Benazir Bhutto (WIP)

  1. The Capo
    Alright everyone, this is an LH Bernie14 worked on and sent to me to finish. I had issues with a hurricane-related flood, then computer problems, and now I just don't really have the time to work on this right now. So I am posting it in hopes that a SKILLED leaderhead maker can fix her up and get her ready for play. I only say skilled because, as you can see from the images, this LH is spectacular and I wouldn't want to tarnish Bernie's hard work with shoddy rigging.

    Anyway, good luck to anybody who takes up the cause. I'm pretty sure Benazir1.nif is my first attempt to at rigging some of it, which was a failure, so use the blends. I will probably be removing this file from the DB around Saturday or Sunday, so keep that in mind whie you work on it.


    1. benazirbhuttopreview_I4K.jpg