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[LH] Yagan 2016-10-05

[LH] Yagan

  1. The Capo

    Well, it has been a while everybody. But I'm back to making LHs for a while, so here is the first one of what should be around eight to twelve in around a month or two (don't hold me to that).

    This LH is based off of the old Aboriginal LHs that have been knocking around CFC. But with more realistic attire, shaders, and in my opinion a better overall concept. Yagan was a Australian Aboriginal warrior from the Noongar tribe, and was an isntrumental figure in the Aboriginal resistance against the British settlers of Australia. After being captured his head was removed and used as a symbol of British authority, although Yagan was viewed as a hero, particularly amongst his fellow Noongar people. I don't know much about Aboriginal history, so I just went with Yagan because that was one of the more popular Aboriginal leaders in mods here at CFC, if you want to use him as anybody else (or have a better leader in mind that would fit this LH) please feel free to do so.

    This is NOT modular, so here is the ArtDefines XML for Yagan...

    Don't forget to make comments in my LEADERHEAD GALLERY. Enjoy. :goodjob:


    1. yaganfinal_x8d.jpg
    2. yaganfinalpreview_W12.jpg