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[BtS] American Medieval Units 2016-10-05

Hey everyone! My first upload in a long time isn't a leaderhead but units. I wasn't sure where to put these units (in Renaissance or Medieval) but landed on Medieval because they would be used as Medieval units in most mods. This is a "what-if(ish)" set of American medieval units based on the clothing and armor of Renaissance/Early-Colonial era English to the Americas. Bakuel gave me suggestions on what to do, and I used a lot of his models so I have to give him credit too. Mechaerik made the Knight Officer, I just reskinned it.

I forgot to put the animations in so here they are...

Crossbowman (SpainishCrossbowman.nif) uses vanilla Crossbowman animations
Knight (Maryland) has two models, the Lancer (HeavyCavalry.nif) uses Charlemagne Heavy Cavalry animations. The Knight (Knight.nif) uses vanilla knight animations.
Both the other Knights (AmericanKnightWashington.nif) and (request.nif) use vanilla Knight animations.
The Longbowman (AmericanBowman.nif) uses Egyptian Archer animations.
All of the Macemen use Charlemagne Heavy Swordsman animations.
The Pikeman uses vanilla pikeman animations.

If there are any issues let me know. Thanks, and enjoy!
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