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[LH] Salamasina (v1) 2016-10-05


This LH has been around for a long time, I *THINK* Amra may have created the first version (but I don't actually know for sure, so if somebody could correct me that'd be great), I also think that NikNaks worked on her after that (same deal as before, let me know), and then finally I got my mitts on her and one coconut bra later I have finally finished her.

Salamasina is probably the most famous figure in Samoan history. She descended from four royal bloodlines and held the title of Tafa'ifā (which as far as I can tell pretty much means she ruled all of the Samoan tribes at once). I couldn't find that much information about her (it's 1:30 am right now, and I'm pretty tired), but here's her WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE.

Anyway, it isn't a very complicated LH, so with some reskinning, swapping around some parts and creativity this LH could be turned into all types of female leaders. Or whatever...

So here's the ArtDefines:


This is pretty much version 1 because I might come back to it later, so enjoy it for now and don't forget to rate her. Finally, don't forget to visit my Leaderhead Gallery!
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