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Moar Units Mod 1.2

Adds 10 general units and 2 additional unique units for each Civilization.

  1. 1.2 Update

    Rise and Fall Update!

    * Recon unit dropped because Spec Ops unit now exists.
    * Gatling Gun and Machine Gun now both Ranged with +8 combat versus Melee, Anti Cav and Light Cav.

    If Rise & Fall active:
    * Tercio replaces Pike & Shot.
    * Landsknecht upgrades to Pike & Shot.
    * Bandeirante upgrades to Spec Ops.
    * Okihtcitaw upgrades to Explorer.
    * Hwacha upgrades to Sniper.
    * Khevsur, Berserker cost dropped to 140 from 180.
    * Support Chandragupta.
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  2. 1.11 Update

    * Fix - Bandeirante now has 1 building charge to build a fort.
    * Reorganised translation text to avoid problems such as additional Russian paragraphs.
    * Some tidy up of art files.
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  3. 1.1 Update

    * Weakened Chokonu and increased cost and maintenance.
    * Reduce Yamato combat and give free promotion.

    * New Septireme Art.
    * New Hirdman 3D art.
    * New Fatherland Volunteer Graphics.
    * Fixes for Peltast and (Medieval) Horseman art.
    * New Bandeirante 3D Art.

    * Many new unit portraits!
    * FrontEndActions load order fix.
    * Load order -1 for icons.
    * Fix Config data for Civ Selection screen.

    * Prune unnecessary SHARED_DATA - ANIMATION and TEXTURE files that are...
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  4. 1.04 Update

    * New Trebuchet Unit! Sits between Catapult and Bombard in the Siege line.

    * Recon units no longer get a free promo.
    * Machine Gun reverted to Ranged class.
    * Increased cost of Peltast and Hyksos Bowman to match Archer.
    * Fixed Hirdman post combat culture.

    * Initial Italian Translation.

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  5. 1.03 Update

    * Fixed for Summer Patch.
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  6. 1.02 Update

    * Update Spanish translation.
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  7. 1.01 Update

    * Sniper reduced to base Combat 60, Ranged Combat 63
    * Modern Sniper reduced to base Combat 70, Ranged Combat 78
    * Unique Knight replacements increased to 200 Cost.
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  8. 1.0 Update

    BIG Moar Units 1.0 Update

    5 New/Changed General Units:

    Anti-Cavalry Bonus increased to +15 versus Heavy Cavalry and +20 versus Light Cavalry.

    Gatling Gun:
    Industrial Era Anti-Cavalry unit. Upgrades from Pikeman, upgrades to AT Crew

    Modern Era Recon unit. Ignores rivers when moving and has no disembark cost. Upgrades from Ranger.

    Atomic Era Ranged unit. Cannot move and attack on the same turn. Gains +12 Ranged strength vs. land units (exluding...
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  9. 0.90 Update

    Version released to Steam on 13th June 2017:

    * Jinete and Druzhina now replace the (Medieval) Horseman.
    * Mamluk upgrades to Cuirassier.

    * Properly cooked icons for Mac compatibility.

    * Updated Russian Translation.

    Discuss this update in the discussions section.
  10. 0.84 Update

    * Fixed: Sumerian War Cart upgrades to Knight
    * Amazon Scout now gets free recon promo like all other Recon units.

    * Added German translation
    * Other translation fixes.

    * Add cultural Trader animals (Donkey or Camel).
    * Fixed Medieval Horseman sound.
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