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[MODCOMP] Conqueror's Delight 2016-10-05

The discussion thread for this modcomp can be found here

This is a massive modcomp designed to add many new elements to warfare, diplomacy, and empire management.

This modcomp is a work in progress! I will be making changes to it as time goes on and sharing those updates with all of you... Certainly pieces of this are already done and you're free to take what you like from it.

There are now dozens of new promotion abilities & prerequisites:
  • Strength change - provides a base change in strength points that will appear on the unit’s interface (unlike the strength modifiers which do not and are based on percentage).
  • Invisible - gives the unit that invisible type. Units can now have multiple invisible types.
  • See Invisible - will be able to see all units with that Invisible Type. Units can see multiple Invisible Types.
  • Gold Cost - substracts the specified amount directly from the treasury when the unit is given this promotion. If there is not enough gold in the treasury, the unit cannot get the promotion.
  • Prerequisite Building- requires the player to have built at least one of this building class.
  • Required Battle Count - requires that the unit has to have fought a particular number of battles (battles ending in withdrawal count).
  • Required Victory Count - requires that the unit actually win a particular number of battles.
  • Terrain First Strikes - units get additional first strikes when attacking into or from this terrain
  • Terrain Withdrawal - units get additional withdrawal when attacking into or from this terrain
  • Feature First Strikes - units get additional first strikes when attacking into or from this feature
  • Feature Withdrawal - units get additional withdrawal when attacking into or from this terrain
  • Hill First Strikes - unit gets additional first strikes when attacking into or from Hills
  • Hill Withdrawal - unit gets additional withdrawal chance when attacking into or from Hills
  • City First Strikes - unit gets additional first strikes chance when defending in cities
  • Cargo Heal Rate - increases the rate at which other units in this unit's cargo will heal
  • Same Tile Interception - increases the interception rate of all units on the tile (intercepting units will only take the highest interception boost)
  • Same Tile Air Range - increases the air range of all units on the tile (air units will only take the best air range boost)
  • Air Bomb Rate Change - changes the air bomb rate
  • Foreign Plot Modifier - changes the combat strength of a unit when fighting a foreign enemy plot
  • Foreign City Modifier - changes the combat strength of a unit when fighting in a captured city with more than a certain percentage of enemy culture
  • Unit Stack Modifier - changes the combat strength of a unit when fighting with a certain number of units above a set threshold on the particular tile
  • Home City Unit Stack Modifier - changes the combat strength of a unit when fighting with units from different cities on the same tile
    Promotion Capture Chance Modifier - changes the probability of the unit capturing a promotion from another unit
  • Pillage Commerce Modifier - changes the amount of commerce given from pillaging a tile
  • Kill Commerce Modifier - changes the amount of commerce given from killing a unit
  • Storm Damage Modifier - changes the damage a storm can inflict on a unit
  • Supply Range Change - changes the supply range of the unit
  • Unit Class Modifier - increases the combat strength against particular unit classes
  • Unit Combat Withdrawal - changes the chance for withdrawal against a unit with a particular Unit Combat Type
  • Unit Combat First Strikes - changes the first strikes given against a unit with a particular Unit Combat Type
  • Anti-Promotion - changes the combat strength against units with this promotion (taken from FFH code)
Promotions can now be set to be hidden from other teams. So if one a unit has a particularly promotion, it can be kept secret from an enemy player with units that are in viewing distance.

Capture Promotions

Specified promotions can be captured by other units. This allows for specific promotions to act essentially as items being swapped between different units.


Units with particular invisibility types can be made invisible on particular terrains.

For example, you could make it so that Scouts will be invisible only on Forests, Jungles and Hills but visible on any other terrain. You can also make it so that other units will be able to see those Scouts by allowing them to see that invisible type.

Yields from Killed Units and Pillaged Improvements

This is code taken directly from my two previously released modcomps.

  • Barbarian pirates have been greatly increased.
  • Barbarian pirates can now spawn land units in their cargo hold to attack coastal tiles. Barbarian land units spawned in pirate ships get any promotion that gives amphibious landing.
  • Barbarian pirates only spawn on coastal tiles around continents that currently have at least one player on them. This increases their spawn rate since the game will not be waiting for someone to kill pirates floating around unexplored continents before spawning more.
  • Ships now have supply lines. Ships can either be flagged for coastal supply or given a maximum supply range. Ships with coastal supply must end their turn next to a land tile or else suffer "Supply Damage". Ships with a supply range have to be within range of a friendly city (this includes vassals) at the end of their turn or they will suffer supply damage. If ships with a supply range are flagged as requiring a certain resource, they must be within that maximum range of a friendly city that also has that resource.
  • Ships can now be hit by storms. Storms occur randomly, and ships that survive storms will gain XP. Ships can be hit by storms anywhere including in cities. The only cities that are immune from storms are ones that have Harbors.
  • Harbors have been modified. The game now places Natural Harbors on the map that will flag a city as having a harbor immediately, and the Harbor and Cothon Buildings will flag a city as having a harbor when and if they're constructed. Cities that have natural harbors do not require the Harbor building and will not be able to construct it although they get the same bonuses the Harbor building provides. Carthiginian cities will be able to still construct the Cothon in cities with natural harbors at reduced cost.
  • Certain units now will require harbors (either natural or constructed) to be trained or even enter the city. Larger ships will require a harbor if they wish to dock at the city.
  • An Unload Turn Penalty has been added to require one turn within enemy territory to allow the disembarkation of units inside water transports. Units with the Amphibious promotion are exempt from this penalty, and units flagged as requiring a Beachhead need another unit with movement points left on the tile they are trying to unload to.
  • AI Sea Patrol code added so that the AI will make use of it more frequently.
  • Sea Patrol's function extended to include automatically intercepting ships that bombard cities and blockade.
  • Alerts have been added for when a ship has been automatically intercepted by a unit set to Sea Patrol and for what reason.
  • Sea unit movement rate is now dependent on the size of the map.
Players can now trade Workers and military units in the diplomacy screen. The code for the AI to properly use this, however, has not yet been added.

Puppet States

You can now carve puppet states out of enemy territory. This creates a new vassal player. You cannot create multiple puppet states from the same enemy and you cannot form puppet states in cities that can be returned to an ally.

Home City and Nationality
Each unit now has a Home City and a Nationality of origin.


Barbarian Tribes!

Tribes are now spawned at the start of the game and will spread to fill the entire map. Tribes provide Barbarians spawned on their tiles cultural unit art, favorite units, and varying unit behavior. Of course, this is all customizable in the XML for modders to add or remove tribes as they please.

A full list of tribes now included provided here.

Barbarians Ransom Cities

Barbarians will now demand ransom for cities they capture if the player can possibly meet their demands. The popup will also display different information depending on the Tribe if the capturing Barbarian unit has a tribal association.

Capturing Cities

Captured cities now retain the city art of their highest cultural player, and new units trained in the city keep the unit art of the highest cultural player.

Stuff in Progress

You'll notice that there are some odd bits that seem to be appearing in the interface.

There's a hammer and food icon that should be showing up near your gold. This is for a national yield stockpile system that is currently not working. I still have to create an interface to allow players to set the amount of yields the stockpile gives and takes from the individual cities. Unfortunately, this requires messing with the city screen, and Python isn't my strong suit.

There's some extra mission buttons showing up. Those do not currently work yet. Do not click on them or bad things will happen!

These new missions include:
  • Choose Production - This will be used to allow players to select the next production item for Camp units.
  • Choose Promotion - This will allow players to swap out promotions of similar categories. This will allow for simulations of things like different weapons types.
  • Draft Worker - This will allow units to force create a worker in the city they're currently in.
  • Resupply - This will work with the national yield stockpile and will allow units to regain the lost yields needed to keep them functioning.
  • Air Deploy - This will allow for helicopter units to drop their cargo on distant tiles.
  • Extraction - This will allow helicopter units to select a particular tile and, if there are multiple units on the tile, allow the player to bring a unit back. This also applies for helicopter units.
I'm going to be folding this modcomp into the World of Civilization mod in the future and I have been working with them for the past few months. Right now I want to work out the kinks with what I've got.
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