New Scenario - The Second Punic War (219 - 200 BC)

New Scenario - The Second Punic War (219 - 200 BC) V1.0

This scenario is the third test of a reusable scenario management engine, a library of routines that transforms Civ5 game engine from one that tries to take a civ from the "Stone Age to the Stars" over 6,000 years into a hyper-focused engine that seeks a deathmatch fight against an opponent for 10-40 years.

Scenario content is focused on the Second Punic War between Rome and Carthage.

Play the Second Punic War Civ Scenario as Rome, Carthage, Syracuse, Macedonia, Massalia, Massylii, Masaesyli, or Gaul.

Scenario uses a new map - be sure to move it from the mod folder to the game's MAPS folder.

Map name: SMAN Second Punic War Scenario Map.Civ5Map

1703446733321.png 1703446761840.png 1703447493965.png 1703447541823.png 1703447820405.png

1703447955025.jpeg 1703447973634.jpeg 1703447994796.jpeg 1703448018176.jpeg 1703448030299.jpeg

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