Hundred Years War Civ Pack (1337 - 1356)

Hundred Years War Civ Pack (1337 - 1356) V1.0, Hotfix #1

This civ pack contains seven civs, which were developed as part of a new scenario, focusing on the Hundred Years War from 1337 until 1356.

The scenario these civs were pulled from can be found here. It is still under development, but looks quite playable:

This new scenario is being used as the initial project for a new scenario management system. For more details on that effort:

There is also a collaboration area on Discord that meets to help develop this new scenario (and hopefully many more in addition):

Included Civs:
- Brittany
- Burgundy
- England
- Flanders
- France
- Holy Roman Empire
- Papal States (Avignon)
- Scotland

The Civ Pack also contains these 3 Civs:
- Navarre
- Portugal
- Scotland


1697054953711.png 1697055004856.png 1697055036061.png 1699308458123.png

1697053428796.png 1697053531656.png 1697053316055.png 1697053357802.png 1697053487252.png 1697053573284.png
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.0 -- "Official" Second Version of the Scenario (with fixes)

    Many changes to fix errors/bugs with Portugal and Navarre.
  2. New Civs: Navarre and Portugal

    Latest version of the HYW1 (1337-1356 AD) civ pack. No additional content planned for this civ...
  3. Corrected Error on Scottish Units

    Sorry about the quick update. I noticed the Scottish civ couldn't use its custom units. Needed...
  4. Hundred Years War Civ Pack -- Now with Scotland!

    Latest version updated all the custom civs on changes made in the parent scenario. Also added...
  5. Minor Updates - Fixing Broken Units

    Composite Bowman should work correctly now. Few other very small changes.
  6. Updated Civ Pack

    Fixed badly-defined unit overrides definitions. Should work much better now.
  7. Minor Update - Scenario Map Included

    Minor changes to Leader artwork. This version has the planned map for the scenario. To use...
  8. Minor changes/fixes

    Changed Louis 1 for Flanders artwork, and made a few more small changes. I also added city...
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