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SMAN's Privy Council -- The Monarchs (previously known as "After the Revolution") V3, Hotfix 1

Adds National Governments to the Game

  1. sman1975

    "The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution…"

    -- Hannah Arendt

    "SMAN's Privy Council -- The Monarchs (previously known as "After the Revolution", or AtR) adds a new level of capability to the game – allowing for a more tailored gaming experience, based on player's given playstyle. The mod introduces 20 new National Governments that major civs can use to help them better meet geopolitical objectives. These governments provide various benefits, both throughout the Empire and inside the Capital as well. When you select a government, a new National Wonder corresponding to that government will be built in your capital. When you change governments, the old National Wonder is removed, and the correct new one takes its place.

    Each government, except Anarchy, requires a specific Technology and Social Policy Branch enabled. For example, to institute Communist Government, you will need to discover Industrialization, and have enabled the 'Rationalism' Social Policy Branch.

    Some governments require an additional Social Policy enabled as well. For example, if you wish to select the Monarchy form of government, you must have discovered the 'Chivalry' tech, have enabled the 'Tradition' Social Policy Branch, and have selected the 'Monarchy' Social Policy.

    Additionally, some governments require specific Ideologies. Monarchy is one of those forms of government available to all, even to Civilizations with no Ideology at all. Fascism is only available to the Autocracy Ideology, while Communism is available to both Autocracy and Order Ideologies.

    Changing governments requires Gold and at least 20 game turns from the last government change. The amount Gold required varies depending on the player's Current Era, and the selected Game Speed and Difficulty Level.

    All governments have an associated Promotion to go with that form of government. These promotions provide additional flavors that those governments bring to military operations. Some are better at offense, some defense, and some focus on mobility/healing. When you change governments, the old promotion is removed and the promotion corresponding to the new government will be awarded.

    The mod adds a new window, called the "World Government Overview". This window displays information about your government, as well as other civs you have contact with. The "deeper" these contacts are, the better your information will be. You can increase "depth" by establishing embassies, Trade Routes, and assigning Spies & Diplomats to their cities – especially their capital.

    You reach the 'Global Government Overview' popup by clicking on the 'Additional Information' item. It's the small blue button that looks like a wavy piece of paper, just to the left of the Espionage Overview button – on the top right side of the screen. Clicking on 'Additional Information' will open a menu list of popups, such as Demographics, Notification Log, etc. Towards the bottom of this list, find the 'World Governments' item and click on it.

    The new 'Global Government Overview' UI will show a large amount of information about your own civ, and various details about others. There are numerous details embedded in the UI, so don't be afraid to hover the mouse around the window to get more information from the tooltips. By clicking on different Leaders in the top panel, you will be shown the information you have about them in the bottom panel of the UI.

    Spies and Diplomats report specific numbers back to you, but the quality of the information improves if they are stationed in the target civ's capital – so the accuracy of these numbers will vary, depending on the quality of the report. Diplomats report better than Spies. Additionally, if you have Spies or Diplomats in a civ that changes government, you will receive a Notification on the right side of the screen.

    If you have neither Spies nor Diplomats, you will receive 'hit or miss' types of information from your informants, caravan leaders, merchants, etc. This information will be presented as a comparison – how that civ compares to your own. When looking at this type of report, look at the 'assessment' – it will have a value of 'Inferior', 'Parity', or 'Superior'. You read this as: 'The target civ is (assessment) to my Empire.' So, if Napoleon's assessment of 'Land Area' is assessed to be 'Inferior' – you would read it as, "Napoleon's Land Area is Inferior to mine."

    If you have a lot of interaction with the target civ, but no Spies or Diplomats, you will sometimes see a 'qualifier' to the assessment, something like 'vastly' or 'dramatically". These will read the same way. So, if you have 10 cities, but Napoleon only has his capital, the report might read, "Napoleon's Number of Cities is Dramatically Inferior to mine."

    At the very bottom of the UI is the 'Change Government' button. If you are able to change your government, it will be enabled. Hovering over the button will let you know how much Gold you will need in order to change your government. It also reminds you, that when you change your government all of your current Research Progress, Culture, Faith, and Golden Age progress will be set to zero. You may also undergo a few turns of Anarchy, in which no Production, Gold income, or Science will be generated anywhere in your Empire. So, changing governments should be done with great care, and more than a little planning.

    When you press the 'Change Government' button, a new popup appears, letting you select from the list of governments that are valid for you. Hovering over the large icon gives you details about the government. If you press the 'Cancel' button, no change occurs. If you press the 'Revolution' button, your government will immediately change, your stats are adjusted, change costs incurred, and possible Anarchy implemented.

    PLEASE NOTE: the mod is stable status. But I still appreciate any feedback on fixes, suggestions, etc!

    Acknowledgements: Some icons for the 20 National Wonder Buildings came from JFD, Bouncymischa, lincoln_lyf, etc. The art for the Government icons originally came from the Hearts of Iron game, but with much modification.

    Discussion Thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/after-the-revolution.635326/

    STEAM Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1473449974