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SMAN's Aztec Unit Pack V1.0

Customized Units for Aztec and Mexican Civilizations

  1. sman1975
    SMAN’s Aztec Unit Pack adds 51 customized unit models and custom icons, replacing many of the game’s normal units, providing one with more of a look you’d expect from an Aztec civilization. Hopefully, these new units will provide a richer, more immersive gaming experience to fans of the great Aztec civilization.

    Almost all of these models have the exact same capabilities of the normal game’s units they replace, but there are a few exceptions where the units are a bit different. For example, the Giant Death Robot is now called the “Apocalypse Robot” – it is a bit stronger than the GDR (165 combat strength vs. 150), and can also carry 2 missiles. However, it is more expensive, and requires both Uranium and Aluminum to build (as opposed to the GDR, which only requires Uranium).

    The mod is tailored around the game’s normal Aztec civilization, however other custom civs may also use these units. These civs are mostly centered historically in the Mexican/Central American area:

    • Leugi's Muisca Civilization
    • Colonialist Legacies - Mexican Republic
    • Colonialist Legacies - Zapotecs
    • McCain Palin's Mexico Civ
    • JakeWalrusWhale's Mexico
    • Hoop Thrower's Mexico
    • Pouakai's Mexican Civilization (uses same civ name as JakeWalrusWhale's)
    • Ryanjames's The Olmecs
    • Stephen's Earth 2014 Civs
    • JFD's Aztecs (Isabel Montezuma)
    • Grant's Aztecs
    • Uighur_Caesar and Leugi's Aztecs
    • Leugi's The Olmec
    • Xochitl's Toltec Empire

    Mod requires BNW and all DLC.

    The mod was requested by STEAM user @ Crusader_Jeffory, and most of the ideas for the units were provided by him.

    Collaboration Site: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/aztec-mexican-units-pack.664213/

    Acknowledgements: This work reuses a massive number of units from some really great modders of the past. Here is a list of people who provided the original artwork for these units:
    The immortal Danrell provided the early units. Other modders include Bernie14, Civitar, Deliverator, Leugi , MC-Leugi, Pork Bean, Pouakai , Snafusmith, Space Walrus, Sukritact, Tomatekh, TPangolin, Uruk, and Wolfdog.

    If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know and I’ll update the list.